Good gut feeling

  • Nelson Veterinary have launched a comprehensive range of multi strain probiotic supplements to encourage normal digestive function

    Travelling and competitions can cause your horse stress, which in turn can upset the working of your horse’s digestive system. Protexin Probiotics ‘ range of products have been developed to give optimum digestive function.

    Protexin Probiotics are entirely natural and their use can offer several benefits, such as optimum nutrient uptake, essential vitamin production and a boosted immune system.

    Probiotics work by repopulating the naturally occurring micro-flora in the horse’s intestinal tract. Protexin Pro-Soothe pH is a palatable, soft fibre pellet containing Protexin and fibre from several sources.

    Cost at around £47.80 (1kg)

    Protexin Supermix comes in a powder form, allowing you to incorporate a probiotic into your horses feed daily.

    Cost at around £29.60 (1kg)

    Contact Nelson Veterinary (tel: 01285 655 122) or log onto www.nve.co.uk

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