Golden Cross EC results ’06

  • GOLDEN CROSS EC, Golden Cross, East Sussex, results ’06

    British novice 1, Ambastor Princess (P Lear); 2, Pas Pa Tout (B Davies); 3, Shadow Of A Doubt (H Philo). discovery 1, Bob Le Cob (P Lear); 2, Over The Rhee (A Goodson); 3, Almiro Van De Flandria (K Pheasant). 1.05m 1, Moonstone Boco Ventre (S Penn); 2, Estelle M (E Howes); 3, Sidnificant (C Lewis). newcomers/1.10m 1, Jetaway (C Lewis); 2, Speedy (N Miller); 3, Rebellion (P Lear). Foxhunter 1, Iman Dupreclair (E Howes).

    12 Feb: British novice 1, Fait Accomplis (E Howes); 2, Uraine Van De Mispelaere (L Rixson); 3, Dan The Pie Man (J Chandler). 1m restricted 1, Packman (S von Kuhn); 2, Charlotte Z (C Foreman); 3, Escapade G (V Brinkley). 1.05m 1, Exclusief (C Oakley); 2, Taomy (C Hoare); 3, In A Hurry Henry (M Woods). power 1, Melodie Des Plains (E Windsor-Luck); 2, Bob Le Cob; 3, Taomy. A/B/C 1, Trendsetter Teranimo (R Keevil); 2, Southern Maestro (J Piper-Dadswell); 3, Rustic Gold (A Stevenson).

    22 Feb: British novice 1, Laught Arronax (P Swan); 2, Miss Pearl (N Hardy). discovery 1, Tuesdays Child III (K Wise); 2, Over The Rhee; 3, Minstrel Ma Bella (R Daly). 1.05m 1, 707 (S Penn); 2, Over The Rhee; 3, Exclusief. newcomers/1.10m 1, Exclusief; 2, Moonstone Boco Ventre.

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