Glide to improved mobility

  • Glide from Equine Products UK Ltd is a nutritional supplement designed to increase mobility

    Glide is a nutritional supplement suitable for horses suffering from muscle weakness, stiffness and lameness. Formulated to improve mobility, it should be fed in addition to an existing feeding regime.

    Ideal for older horses, it can also help maintain strong and healthy bones, joints and cartilage .

    Glide contains sharkcartilage and green lipped muscle extract, as well as vitamin E, specialised ESTER-C metabolites, collagen and glycoaminoglycons.

    It is available in either a 300g tub, which will last the average 600kg horse three months, or a 750g tub, which will last around seven months.

    Cost at around £38 for a 300g tub and £87 for a 750g tub.

    For more information contact Equine Products UK Ltd (tel: 0191 264 5536) or visit their website www.equine-camel.co.uk

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