Fulfill your equine fantasy

  • As the long winter nights draw in and riders find it difficult to maintain their enthusiasm and motivation, Horse & Hound aims to inspire riders everywhere with its list of ultimate equestrian experiences, which every enthusiast should experience during their lifetime.

    This week’s magazine, which goes on sale on Thursday 30 October, has a list of “30 things to do before you die” which includes experiences to satisfy every rider’s fantasy list.

    Whether you are a non-competitive leisure rider or an international competitor, this feature is guaranteed to get your pulse racing and inspire you to fulfil those dreams.

    And as well as ideas, Horse & Hound offers tips on how to make those dreams become a reality, including expert advice on how you can ride in a three-day event, gallop along a beach, experience flying changes on a top class dressage horse, or the ultimate achievement, get your picture in Horse & Hound.

    So to find out if your top equestrian fantasy has been included in Horse & Hound’s list don’t miss this Thursday’s issue, and in the mean time why not vote on HHO’s special selection of top experiences in this week’s survey (left).

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