Four Winds showing results, 9 April 2012

  • Cob (Mrs F Atkinson) working.1, S O’Reilly Hyland’s Pink Punch; 2, H Clear’s Denbies Count Basie. novice.1, V Sheehan’s Back To Black; 2, Mrs T Harris’ Mister Munroe; 3, K Ledger’s Makers Mark. RIHS lwt.1 & ch, Lady Tyrell’s The Comedian; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Gallifrey; 3, A Hance’s I’m A Star. hwt.1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Skaro; 2, Mister Munroe. maxi.1 & res, N Armstrong’s Tank Top; 2, Mrs R Merricks’ Rock On Robbie; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Deimos. riding horse (P Scott) nov.1, Mrs S Galloway’s Pretty Flower; 2, R Chadwick’s Times Square II; 3, C Dodd’s Sir Darco. RIHS sml.1 & ch, Mrs C Scott’s Brendas Boy; 2 & res, C Mackness’ Cwncarrog Catalin; 3, L Saunters’ Ballentine. lge.1, E Whalley’s Double Chance; 2, S Knight’s Kragelunds Starlight; 3, K Watts’ Fortis Et Fidelis. amateur.1, Brendas Boy; 2, Double Chance; 3, Ballentine. hack (P Scott) nov.1 & res, L Saunters & E Holder’s Spirit In The Sky; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Right Of Veto; 3, Mrs N Steele’s Colbeach Mark Of Distinction. RIHS sml.1, L Haines’ Kookaburra; 2, Spirit In The Sky; 3, E Whalley’s Milliemeter. lge.1 & ch, K Hounsom’s Classic Top Totty; 2, A Kelmanson’s Whistle Up The Wind; 3, J Townshend’s Mariday. amateur.1, Kookaburra; 2, Milliemeter; 3, Whistle Up The Wind. veteran (J Conifey) ridden pre-vet.1 & ch, A Nixey’s Monopolis; 2 & res, S Soskin’s Oisin; 3, S Bradford’s Blue Heaven II. vet.1, J Proctor’s Aly Dave; 2, V Russell’s Nicely Done Nutmeg. vet plus.1, A Bateman’s Park Mist. in-hand.1, Nicely Done Nutmeg; 2, Blue Heaven II; 3, J Barwick’s Coco Chanelle. ridden hunter, RIHS ladies’ (Mrs A Derby, M Sander).1, M Glascott & A Stevens’ Dallaglio; 2, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s Countryman; 3, A Lance’s Foxtrot VIII. RIHS lwt (J Conifey).1, Countryman; 2, Mrs P Duncan’s Aunty Iris; 3, S Gilbert’s Corner House. mwt.1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s Woodfield Indo; 2, J Armstrong-Small’s Andor O; 3, Dallaglio. hwt.1 & res, L Freedman’s Cashel Rock; 2, A David’s Kenlis Caruso; 3, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s Clonaslee Master Diamond. sml.1, The Queen’s Favour; 2, J Watts’ Moyelass Bally Dancer; 3, J Elkington’s Crack The Code. RIHS amateur (M Sander) hwt.1 & res, C Langrish’s Blushing Boy; 2, H Leage’s Greylands Royal Salute; 3, Miss S Cornish’s Shirley’s Downtown. lwt.1 & ch & 3, C Kwek’s Academy Award II & D Valkyrie; 2, P Moon’s Timelord. nov (M Skelton).1, D Valkyrie; 2, J Cooper’s Topthorne; 3, Mrs S Iliffe’s Nutwood Kinglet. Blue Chip 4-6yo ridden sport horse.1, D Boylan-White’s Ballykelly Mac Master; 2, Mrs S Townshend’s Fielden Classic Top. WH: 4-6yo (R Mills).1, E Dyer’s Toyah; 2, Mrs Jerram’s About Town. nov.1, About Town; 2, J Newbold’s Browns Rock; 3, L Bell’s Viking. RIHS open.1 & ch, P Bentley’s Zepper; 2 & res, Mrs J Plaisted’s Raphael II; 3, L Juniper’s Beechfields Astra Zeneca. side saddle (Miss P Doran) equitation.1, E Rostron’s Penstrumbly Our Abram; 2, S Fowler’s Arland; 3, Colbeach Mark Of Distinction. classical.1, Arland; 2, Colbeach Mark Of Distinction; 3, R Head’s San Suave Prince. coloured (M Skelton), BSPA RIHS ridden 153cm.1, S Mahal’s Charlie. do, trad/native 153cm.1 & res, Gallifrey; 2, J Bentley’s Pocketfullodreams; 3, T Guyett’s Beluga. exc 153cm.1, K Ledger’s Chelano; 2, S Weight’s Coburn’s Paint Pot; 3, G Oakley’s Thorne Bank Lancar. trad/nat exc 153cm.1 & ch, Skaro; 2, R Shippam’s Fergus IV; 3, V Clynn’s Red Rock II. Arab (F Atkinson), pure-bred ridden.1, R Napier-Clark’s Melzi; 2, J Powell’s Maria BMF; 3, S Nundy’s Ramak Gold. in-hand.1 & ch, Mrs J Horrock’s TA Arabella; 2 & res, Maria BMF; 3, Miss A Burr’s Fanfaroon. Spanish (Mrs C Stevens), part-bred Iberian in-hand.1, J Barwick’s Hardwick Athene. pure-bred.1 & ch, G Shawcross’ Romero XXV; 2, D Murdle’s F Bodeguero; 3, J Birch’s Orion XXIV. nov ridden.1 & res, S Jennings’ Indiano LXVIII; 2, D Bolam’s Maryss Paladin; 3, P Nixon’s Del Rei. open pure-bred.1, Indiano LXVIII; 2, Romero XXV; 3, N Lister’s Iberis T. part-bred.1, Hardwick Athene. parade.1, Maryss Paladin; 2, Romero XXV.

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