Focus on Mill Law

  • Mill Law is 16.1hh, 7/8 TB 1/8 Arab, Graded SHB(GB), by Samiel

    His bold, athletic jump and loose correct paces combined with his impeccable temperament, both in and out of the stable, and the fact that his young stock are already making their mark on the competition circuit, makes him the most exciting stallion available to the sport horse breeder.

    He stood at public stud for the first time in 2001 and has proven exceptionally fertile.  In 2004, he came 3rd in the Henry Tudor Cup for fertility with a foaling percentage of 92.10%. No chestnut foals have been produced.

    Mill Law had a fantastic eventing career, regularly winning in intermediate/open intermediates and being in the rosettes at advanced level.  He was the second leading BHD sire by his own winnings in 1999/2000.  Since starting in the world of dressage in 2003, he won 11 classes in three weeks, amassing more than 60 points.

    Mill Law’s name is regularly in the highlights due to the successes of his progeny.  His eldest, Run of the Mill, came second in the BYEH final, has won three novices, one intermediate, was second in the CIC** at Somerley Park, first in the CCI** at Necarne and is now advanced.

    His next eldest, Primrose Mill, was a winner at pre-novice level in 2004 and qualified for the five-year-old BE PAVO Championships.  She was awarded a Breeders and Performance Diploma in the Young Horse Evaluation Series and is now competing at novice level and has 8 BE points.

    Mill Law progeny are consistantly winning at county level in in-hand hunter and sport horse classes and BYEH classes. At the British Breeding Futurity Championships at Keysoe in 2005, Mill Law youngsters won every age group in the Potential Event Horse category. Maxi Million won the foal class and was champion. Rosemary Myers’ Millthorpe won the yearling class, Mill On The Floss took the two-year-old class and Cotton King the three-year-old class. Mill Law went on to win the Stallion Premium for the most successful stallion in the series.

    Mill Law will be standing at Twemlows Hall in Shropshire.

    For further information contact: Sue Browne (tel: 01777 249552)

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