Focus on Major League


    Major League is a truly versatile stallion whose offspring are excelling in competition in all spheres. He will help you breed the foal of your dreams, full of talent and ability.

    While his dam’s line is full of classic winners on the racetrack, his sire’s line is full of top French show jumpers and sires found in all top competition horses today.

    The eldest of Major League’s offspring are turning seven years old this year and are showing immense ability in BSJA, eventing and dressage, although due to the demise of the British Horse Database it is difficult to keep track of their successes.

    He is a top class stallion who passes on his class, movement and ability to all his stock, enabling them to be successful in all types of equestrian sport.

    He is proving to be one of the most influential and versatile stallions at stud. All of his stock are outstanding movers with superb jumping ability and have enjoyed much success in the show ring.

    His offspring competing in BSJA have amassed winnings and are successfully jumping double clears in British Novice, Newcomers and Foxhunter to date.

    His young event horses have already been successful jumping double clears at novice level. Many have been placed in young event horse classes.

    His dressage offspring have been admired by judges and spectators alike due to their presence, athletic ability and expressive paces. Several have won classes and many have already gained points.

    Major League’s Fee for 2004 – £450 NFFR
    (concessions to multiple bookings)

    Major League stands at Rocks Farm Stud, together with his son, A Different League, who is new for 2004. The stud offers an AI service with frozen and chilled semen available.

    For further information contact Justine (tel: 01444 401518)
    or (mobile: 07710 780870) or visit: www.rocksfarmstud.com

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