Flint & Denbigh P-to-P

    Bangor-On-Dee, Sunday, 26 February (Good Good to Firm in places)

    348. Open Maiden (Horses & Geldings) (Div 1), 12st

    1 According To This (IRE) (Accordion) (Kelda Wood) G Hanmer
    2 Mapilut du Moulin (FR) (Jane Price) M Price
    3 Brown Flyer (Caroline Walker) N Oliver

    Also: Ben The Grass (ur), Kilbeggan Blade (ur), fav, Lathyrus (FR) (co). 6 ran. 3/4l, 8l. 6min 42.2s. SP: 6-1. (Cheshire).

    349. Open Maiden (Horses & Geldings) (Div 2), 12st

    1 Silver Orchid (Fourstars Allstar (USA)) (Sheila Crow), fav R Burton
    2 Inch Over (Steven Brookshaw), 7a Miss T Clark
    3 Boldini (USA) (Steve Wynne), 7a D Greenway

    Also: Frightening Fred (4), Charabang (IRE) (pu), Hot Chocolat (ur), Look Supreme (IRE) (pu). 7 ran. 5l, 6l, 10l. 6min 40.1s. SP: 7-4. (North Shropshire).

    350. Open Maiden (Horses & Geldings) (Div 3), 12st

    1 Kildare Minor (IRE) (Old Vic) (Steve Wynne) O Greenall
    2 Striking Distance (IRE) (Sarah Gorse) Miss S Gorse
    3 Iris’s Dream (Peter Morris) S Ross

    Also: Musical Weld (4), Antonine (f), bl, Deux Bons Amis (ur), Harry Bridges (f), Hop Pocket (pu), Kathleens Pride (IRE) (pu), Minnigaff (IRE) (su), fav, My Native Ogan (IRE) (pu). 11 ran. 7l, 10l, 21/2l. 6min 35.4s. SP: 5-2. (Sir W.W. Wynn’s).

    351. Intermediate, 12st

    1 Trooper Collins (IRE) (Dolphin Street (FR)) (David Easterby) O Greenall
    2 Shraden Edition (Phil Jones), fav R Burton
    3 Abbey Days (IRE) (Steve Flook) Miss S Carter

    Also: In Hot Pursuit (IRE) (4), King’s Reply (5), Kingscourt Lad (IRE) (6), Hotters (IRE) (7), Braeburn (ur), Bullrush (IRE) (f), Finne Gaoithe (IRE) (pu), 7a, Holding The Fort (IRE) (pu). 11 ran. 21/2l, 6l, 6l, 5l, 2l, 6l. 6min 32.4s. SP: 4-1. (Bedale).

    352. Mens Open, 12st

    1 Cornish Gale (IRE) (Strong Gale) (Donald McCain), 7x, fav D Fitzsimmons
    2 Phyllis (Emma Tomkinson), 7a S Ross
    3 Springwood White (Florence Park) T Park

    Also: Ashgar (USA) (4), bl, Alexander Fourball (IRE) (5), 7x, Barneys Lyric (f), 7x, Solve It Sober (IRE) (f), Trooper (pu), bl. 8 ran. 8l, 21/2l, 2l, 15l. 6min 27.1s. SP: 4-6. (Cheshire).

    353. Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Home Made (Homo Sapien) (Heidi Brookshaw) Miss T Clark
    2 The Wee Bishop (IRE) (Julie Houldey), jfav Miss C Allen
    3 Mytimie (IRE) (Carrie Ford) Miss T Harrison

    Also: Snowtre (IRE) (4), Jackie Jarvis (IRE) (5), 7a, jfav, Stormy Sunrise (IRE) (6), Monsieur Tagel (FR) (7), Tam O’Shanter (8), Corrie (pu), 7a, Involved (IRE) (ur), Tina’s Scallywag (f), 7a. 11 ran. 11/2l, 10l, 2l, 21/2l, 1/2l, 10l, 1l. 6min 24.9s. SP: 8-1. (North Shropshire).

    354. Confined, 12st

    1 The Eens (Rakaposhi King) (Donald McCain), 9x E Bourne
    2 Master Jock (Gary Hanmer), 5x G Hanmer
    3 Khaladjistan (IRE) (Susan Handley) J Handley

    Also: Times Past (IRE) (4), 3x, Strongtrooper (IRE) (5), 6x, Pennyahei (6), 7a, Miss Sallyfield (IRE) (7), 7a, fav, Returned Un Paid (IRE) (8), Galen (IRE) (9), Ricky B (0), Jimmy Jumbo (IRE) (0), Heart Midoltian (FR) (pu). 12 ran. 4l, 10l, 5l, 3l, 5l, 4l, 11/2l, 4l, 30l, 4l. 6min 32.4s. SP: 4-1. (Cheshire).

    355. Panacur/TBA PPORA Club Members Mares Maiden, 11st7lb

    1 Clever Liz (Glacial Storm (USA)) (Sheila Crow) R Burton
    2 Over Round (Russell Teague) D Sherlock
    3 Simply Stunning (Paul Jones), fav G Hanmer

    Also: Ok Pippa (4), Pekan Polly (5), Making Tracks (6), Beersheba (bd), Draytonglass (pu), Granary House (f), Iris’s Queen (pu), Margarita Time (IRE) (f), Posh Crack (pu), Pusslin (pu), Raisgill (f), Ridware Rose (pu). 15 ran. 1/2l, 25l, 21/2l, 5l, 5l. 6min 36.6s. SP: 4-1. (North Shropshire).

    356. Restricted (Div 1), 12st

    1 Lord Bush (IRE) (Lord Americo) (Sheila Crow) R Burton
    2 Capt Jack (IRE) (Paul Jones), fav G Hanmer
    3 Gumlayloy (Steve Flook) A Wintle

    Also: Corky Browne (f), Joans Choice (IRE) (ur), 7a. 5 ran. 10l, 8l. 6min 29.5s. SP: 5-1. (North Shropshire).

    357. Restricted (Div 2), 12st

    1 Strong Weld (Weld) (Russell Teague) D Sherlock
    2 Weallwayswillbeone (IRE) (Michael Hammond) W Hill
    3 Seize The Moment (IRE) (Ralph Hirons) A Wadlow

    Also: Ridware George (4), v, Top Weld (5), Crafty Monkey (IRE) (ur), Gabaka de Thaix (FR) (pu), Go Classic (f), 7a, fav. 8 ran. 5l, 4l, 7l, 25l. 6min 34.7s. SP: 8-1. (South Shropshire).

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