Finding your horse at the Holsteiner Verband auction, Germany

  • The experienced Holsteiner Verband team started selecting the auction candidates several months before the auction. In order to meet the varied requirements of our clients, all horses have been checked according to the following selection criteria.

    • soundness:
    1. 12 x-rays
    2. two veterinary examinations during preparation and auction (vet. records and x-rays may be checked any time, please contact us!)

    • ability as to
    1. jumping
    2. dressage
    3. eventing

    • rideability and attitude
    • willingness to perform
    • basic gaits
    • type/conformation
    • temperament

    Not every horse makes it to the Holsteiner Verband auction. Several hundred horses are presented for pre-selection by Holsteiner breeders, but only the best are selected for the auction. Every year we are looking to find exceptional talent from outstanding breeders for our clients.

    We have got something for any taste at the auction so there is no doubt you will find what you are looking for. Tell us your requirements and we will have the perfect riding or sport horse for you in the auction at an appropriate price.

    Get detailed information about the collection on our website www.holsteiner-verband.de or order our catalogue. Of course you can also talk to our sales team directly:

    Christian Poll Tel. + 49 163 2468045
    Peter Glisic Tel. +49 172 9820435
    Sigrun Günther Tel. +49 163 2469320

    On our website, we provide videos and photographs of every elite auction lot, as well as detailed information about the family and successful relatives. In order to cement your decision it is best to try out the horses you have short-listed at Elmshorn. We are happy to make an appointment!

    When you have decided on a horse, you should make your bid obvious by raising your auction catalogue once the bidding has started on that lot. Bids normally go up in 1000 Euro jumps, but you might also give a hand signal asking for lesser jumps, the minimum being 100 Euro.

    Once the bidding on a horse is coming to an end, the auctioneer will announce the last bid by counting “Zum Ersten, zum Zweiten” (going once, going twice), when saying “Zum Dritten” (for the third time, sold), and the hammer falls, the highest bidder has bought the lot.

    After the fall of the hammer, the purchaser will be asked to complete the purchaser’s slip (“Zuschlagszettel”) with contact details, check the price and add his or her signature. The buyer then takes this purchaser’s slip to the auction office to settle the account. A 6% commission fee as well as a 1% insurance fee will be added to the hammer price.

    On the total sum, a 19% VAT rate is applicable. Horses are sold for immediate payment in cash or certified check in the auction office. As soon as the account is settled in full, a permit to remove the horse (“Berechtigungskarte”) will be issued. Should you wish to remove the horse later or have it removed by a horse transport company, this can be discussed and arranged in the auction office as well. You can also arrange insurance there.

    27th Holsteiner Spring Auction on 23rd March 2013 in Elmshorn, Germany

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