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  • Country dating is booming

    There are 1000s of singletons in the countryside turning to websites like KissingGates.com, a countryside dating site. But why the sudden change?

    You do not have to speak to many people to hear a story of a divorce. And 34% of marriages in the UK are expected to end in divorce by their 20th anniversary.

    In 2011 the most common divorce age was 40–44. KissingGates.com has seen a drastic increase in registrations from the over 40s so it is not all doom and gloom and in response to this demand they have launched a separate 40+ site called KissingGates.com/mature.

    Jimmy Vestbirk, the founder commented: “After listening to our customers’ needs we decided to offer a dedicated 40+ version of the website to deliver a better service to our customers over 40. Interestingly a lot of registrations fall in the age bracket 40–55 which correlates directly with recent divorce statistics and we are getting some great feedback from the site.”

    What role does country dating have for 18 – 40 year olds?

    Singletons in the countryside are turning to online dating younger as well as older. When we asked about this James said: “When we speak to our members who are in their mid-20s we find that many have finished going to Pony Club and Young Farmers and a significant amount have moved to a new area away from home.

    “Online Dating Sites such as KissingGates.com provide a great place to meet likeminded people.

    “We occasionally hear from members that they have met great friends to go hacking with in the area but not the perfect husband or wife and can we help them?

    “I believe online dating is not just about finding a marriage. The people who seem to do well are the ones who are willing to meet new people as friends. And we also hear about people meeting through our site and becoming friends and then being ‘set up’ with mutual friends who go on to get married!

    “True this is not a direct marriage from online dating, but all KissingGates.com does is facilitate meeting new people in as safe a way as possible. Dating is a very natural, personal thing — all we do is open the door and support you on your journey.”

    Tips for safe online dating

    1. Stay real. Be as honest as you can when creating your profile, you would not want to be misled
    2. Post a recent photo of yourself, but make sure you cannot identify your family, friends, home or car in it.
    3. Protect your identity. Use a site like KissingGates.com that hides your email address and your contact information.
    4. Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right don’t take any chance and if the problem persists report the user.
    5. Good sites like KissingGates.com have customer services operators at the end of the phone to call to discuss any problems you have.


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