128/138cm rest h’cap.— 1eq, 5 tied. pony British novice.— 1, Wain Cufflink (A Warden); 2, Hot Glamour (H Burrell); 3, Woodlands Morgan (J Parkes). pony discovery.— 1, GG Miss Molly (R Howard); 2, Boom Boom (C Hyde); 3, Whiskey Joe (L Farrington). pony 90cm.— 1, Custom Cruiser (E McManus); 2, WW Warrior (C Colclough); 3, Martha’s Darling (F Adams). pony newcomers.— 1, Carrabean Prince (C McGrath); 2, Hot Chocolate (S Morgan); 3, Byrnskill Penny (J Palmer Evans). pony 1m.— 1, Oakhurst Showman (S Carney); 2, Drumcaghy Ringo (E.Roe). pony Foxhunter/1.10m.— 1, Falaza (B Vernon); 2, Guiness Special (F Adams); 3, Some Like It Hot (B Adams). pony 1.15m.— 1, Cinderella Girl (B Vernon); 2, Stand Hill Rocker (L Rushton). 17 Oct: British novice.— 1, Nightingale (S Critchlow); 2, Gemma (S Wall); 3, Ruby D (A Nicpon). discovery.— 1, Heart Of Savanna (S Scott); 2, High Offley Business Lady (J Trunkfield); 3, Nerquis Mastermind (L Cadman). 1.05m.— 1eq, Stanhope LT Man (SA Needham) & Touch Of Delight (K Flatley); 3, Spartomimo (C Bossoms). newcomers.— 1, Parkhill Lad (A Walker); 2, Eclipse Stroller (N Hooper); 3, Starman (J Trunkfield). 1.15m.— 1, Vincent II (AK Smith); 2, Foxlight (S Critchlow); 3, Frilling First (C Smith). Foxhunter/1.20m.— 1, Casablanca (E Sargeant) 2, Labulesta (C Collins).