British novice.— 1, Waggle Taggle (C Hercules); 2, Touch Of Midas (R Tatum); 3, BF Joey (S Bowler). discovery.— 1, Fire One (K Rose); 2, Adonis III (K Vernon); 3, High Offley Arcturus Renaissance (V Winter). 1.05m.— 1, My Bellona (A Goodwin); 2, Vero (K Rose); 3, Zarlanda (V Bevan). newcomers.— 1, Vance Dutch (M Bunting); 2, Two More Jasmine (H Neat); 3, Zorro B (M Bunting). 1.15m.— 1, Vero; 2, Touch Of Delight (K Flatley); 3, Top Flight True Carlos (C Spanner). Foxhunter/1.20m.— 1, Patent (N Proffit); 2, W Amelusiena 64 (M Bunting); 3 Arthur G (L Smith).