Fernie P-to-P

    Dingley, Sunday, 7 May (Good Good to Soft in places)

    1285. Hunts Members, 12st5lb

    1 Fami (FR) (Le Nain Jaune (FR)) (Patrick Hutchinson), fav Miss Gemma Hutchinson
    2 Judge Reilly (IRE) (Patrick Millington), v P Millington
    3 Mount Kimble (IRE) (Patrick Millington) R Cope

    Also: Donrico (IRE) (4), bl. 4 ran. 15l, 4l, 2l. 6min 47.0s. SP: 2-7. (Fernie).

    1286. Confined, 12st

    1 Teeton Glaive (Broadsword (USA)) (Sylvia Edmunds), 6x, 7a, fav S Morris
    2 Ungaretti (GER) (Patrick Hutchinson), 3x Sam Hutchinson
    3 Moscow’s Return (IRE) (John Kent) N Pearce

    Also: The Stickler (4), 3x, Teeton Diamond (5), 7a, Ardmayle (IRE) (pu), Bidin’ My Time (NZ) (pu), Light The Sky (pu), Marston Moses (pu), Parsonhumfrywebber (pu), bl, Silver Styx (pu), Simply The One (IRE) (pu). 12 ran. 8l, 2l, 7l, 20l. 6min 31.0s. SP: 11-8. (Grafton).

    1287. Confined Maiden, 12st

    1 The Painkiller (IRE) (Erins Isle) (Antonia Bealby), 7a, jfav M Briggs
    2 Arctic Summer (IRE) (Jon Trice-Rolph) J Trice-Rolph
    3 Teeton Bollinger (Joan Tice), 7a R Barrett

    Also: Miss Bobsleigh (4), 7a, Dromin (IRE) (5), French Bey (IRE) (6), 7a, jfav, Blazing Saddles (IRE) (7), Johnny Venture (IRE) (8), Cool Trader (IRE) (pu), Furze Hill (IRE) (pu), 7a, jfav, Fusion of Tunes (pu), 7a, Malahide (IRE) (pu), Orton Playboy (f), Suzy Spitfire (pu), 7a, Will Steane (pu). 15 ran. 2l, 1l, hd, 1l, 2l, 11/2l, 10l. 6min 40.0s. SP: 4-1. (Belvoir).

    1288. Mixed Open, 4m100y 12st

    1 Duchess Account (Mesleh) (Charles Brader), 7a, fav Miss E Brader
    2 El Lute (IRE) (Ellen Collinson) R Collinson
    3 Trooper (Anthony Woodward), bl A Woodward

    Also: Teeton Priceless (4), 7a, Splash And Dash (IRE) (5), bl, Wonder Weasel (IRE) (6), Brass Razoo (7), Madmidge (8), Cmewin (IRE) (9), Trusting Tom (0), Society Scandal (IRE) (0), Good Vintage (IRE) (0), Cimarrone Cove (IRE) (0), Aunt Gladys (IRE) (0), 7a, Blasket Sound (IRE) (0), Alias (IRE) (0), Clonshire Paddy (IRE) (pu), bl, Sad Mad Bad (USA) (ur), Sadler’s Lamp (IRE) (pu), Wild Spice (IRE) (pu). 20 ran. 1l, 5l, hd, hd, 7l, 1/2l, 6l, 1l, 8l, 12l, 4l, 1l, 4l, 1l, 25l. 8min 33.0s. SP: 5-4. (Middleton).

    1289. Restricted, 12st5lb

    1 King Freddy (Rakaposhi King) (Roger Harvey) P Bennett
    2 Velvet Skye (Pauline Adams), 7a S Jones
    3 Treble Trouble (Patrick Millington) P Millington

    Also: Currow Kate (4), 7a, Maestro Please (IRE) (5), fav, Ivans Dream (pu), Joves Shadow (pu), Killeengh Lodge (pu), Moscow Tradition (IRE) (pu), bl, On The Day (IRE) (pu), Pampered Lad (pu), bl, Rockfield Lane (IRE) (pu), Take The Odds (IRE) (pu), Teeton Swansong (pu), 7a. 14 ran. 1/2l, 8l, 5l, 15l. 6min 37.0s. SP: 10-1. (Atherstone).

    1290. Open Maiden, 12st

    1 Needs Time (IRE) (Lord Americo) (Anne Connell), 7a T Lane
    2 Mrs O’Connell (Sally Alner), 14a I Chanin
    3 Bondsley (IRE) (Sally Alner), fav J Guerriero

    Also: Bold Jogger (IRE) (4), Ballynonty (IRE) (5), 7a, Ashgrove (IRE) (pu), Black Leopard (IRE) (pu), Cyrium (IRE) (pu), Highland Dancer (IRE) (pu), Mem Octavia (pu), 7a, Merrimac (FR) (pu), Miss Trooper (pu), 7a, No Options (IRE) (pu). 13 ran. 12l, 2l, 8l, 8l. 6min 42.0s. SP: 7-1.

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