Feed helps last the distance

  • Saracen have launched a new feed aimed specifically at endurance horses.

    Feeding endurance horses has always been complex as they need energy over long periods. Many owners feed straights combined with extra oil.

    Saracen’s Enduro 100 has been developed using the results of numerous studies and field trials together with the latest advice from Kentucky Equine Research.

    Enduro 100 is rich in super fibres and oils for long lasting energy release and controlled performance.

    It also contains added yeast for increased calcium absorption and to aid fibre digestion. Bioplex minerals are also added as they are thought to increase resistance to stress and aid efficient muscle function.

    Cost at around £8.50 for a 20kg bag.

    For more information on Enduro 100 contact Saracen Feeds (tel: 01892 863236) or click here to visit www.saracen-horse-feeds.co.uk

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