Feed for maximum condition

  • Burgess Supa Barley Rings is a nutritionally complete hard feed to help restore and maintain condition in horses and ponies

    The winter can make it difficult for some horses and ponies to maintain weight and condition. There is less grass in the fields and the cold weather can take its toll, leaving horses looking a bit on the lean side.

    Burgess Supa Barley Rings contain all the vitamins, minerals and linseed oil your horse needs to keep him looking at his best. The manufacturers claim that if your horse struggles through the winter, this feed may help your horse to keep weight on.

    A nutritionally complete feed, it has a carefully balanced mix of energy, protein and starch levels to maintain energy levels without excitability and help to put on and maintain condition.

    Cost at around £7 per bag.

    Contact Burgess Supafeeds’ free helpline (tel: 0800 413969). or visit www.burgesssupafeeds.co.uk

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