Failte Ireland Dublin showing results, 5-9 August

  • Ridden hunter (Mr G Landau, Mr D Ingle) lwt 6-10-y-o.— 1, S Finlay’s Millar Hill; 2, G O’Gorman’s Dream Catcher; 3, Morton’s Killegar Diamond Flight. 4-y-o geld.— 1, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Barack; 2, Mr & Mrs Ryan’s Vanilla Sky; 3, M Cousins’ Hindsight. do mare.— 1, F Flannelly’s Annabelle; 2, D Corr’s Foolish Fairy; 3, E McCann’s Esker Duchess. 5-y-o geld.— 1 & res, T & L Wallace’s Shannon Beau; 2, ch & sup, R Connors’ Woodfield Indo; 3, Spence & Boggs’ Keenaghan. mare 5-10-y-o.— 1 & res mare, P Hegarty’s Fenyas Elegance; 2, S McCorry’s Watt A Star; 3, D Sloan’s Drumlane Rose. mwt (Mr C le Moignan, Mr S Reynolds) geld 6-10-y-o.— 1 & res, T & L Wallace’s Adamstown; 2, Farley & Boyd’s Cairnside Debonair; 3, M Rooney’s The Journey Man. 5-y-o.— 1 & ch, N Holloway’s Killaloe; 2, T Johnston’s Basil; 3, Mr & Mrs Mahony’s Dunmore Hill. mare 4-10-y-o.— 1, M Roche’s Assagart Wonder; 2, J Bingham’s Rozogue; 3, A Thornton’s Cruaghs Giddy Up. geld do.— 1 & res 4-y-o, P Fallon’s Lux View; 2, P Rock’s Carnoneybridge Valiant; 3, J Lynch’s The Publisher. hwt (Mr I Stark, Mr T Fairburn) 4-y-o.— 1, ch, ch mare & ch 4-y-o, V Ramm’s Cirene Accolade; 2, M & D Corr’s Trew And Moy; 3, E Holden’s Dunleckney Dancer. 5-10-y-o.— 1 & res, T Beecher’s Loughnatousa Dakota; 2, Lady Blackwood’s The Full Shillling; 3, T Murphy’s Rochestown Amoroso. ladies (Mrs J Bates, Ms J Darwin) mwt.— 1 & res, Adamstown; 2S Garrigan’s King Lux; 3, R Boyd’s Connswater Supreme. lwt.— 1 & ch, Shannon Beau; 2, J & R Ahern’s Carhue Hill; 3, S O’Connor’s Master Henry. working hunter (Mr G Landau, Mr T Fairburn) 4-y-o.— 1, Mr & Mrs Ryan’s Requiem Hall; 2, A O’Grad’s Ballingowan BJ; 3, T Gill’s Flogas Adare. 5-10-y-o.— 1 & ch, Y Pearson’s Kilpatrick Lord; 2, Mr & Mrs Ryan’s Imperitive; 3, C Smith’s Buddy Holly. hwt.— 1 & res, J & R Aherns Carhue Hill; 2, T Beecher’s Loughnatousa Dakota; 3, A McCusker’s Top Dollar. amateur (Ms J Darwin, Mrs L Killingbeck) lwt.— 1 & res, A McGrath’s Kalgoolie Gold; 2, S McCabe’s Ruadh Earl Of Radford; 3, S Connors’ Woodfield Bing. mwt.— 1 & ch, S Hill’s Castlerock; 2, A Gallagher’s Ringfort Downpatrick; 3, G Quinn’s Blessington Hero. small hunter (Mr G Landau, Mr I Stark) 4-5-y-o.— 1 & ch, T & L Wallace’s Master Klass; 2, J Bradbury’s Mr Socks; 3, A O’Grady’s Ballingowan BJ. 6-y-o & over.— 1 & res, S English’s Auburn Diamond Lil; 2, E Maher’s Mister What; 3, S Harty’s Rainbow Jacket. cob (Mr D Ingle, Mr S Reynolds) lwt.— 1 & ch, S McAteer’s Randalstown Landmark; 2, Floyd’s Father Gillespie; 3, K McKibbin’s Lismovle Flashy Lass. hwt.— 1 & res, S McAteer’s Randalstown Limited Edition. riding horse (Mr C le Moignan, Mrs L Killingbeck) sml.— 1 & ch, Dorney & Curran’s Genevieve; 2 & res, L Wallace’s Alice Through The Looking Glass; 3, T & L O’Brien’s Razzle Dazzle Girl. lge.— 1, E Holden’s Sea Ocean Field; 2, H Gordon’s Beamish III; 3, S Killiea’s Landanos Rolling Clover. side-saddle (Mrs J Bates, Ms J Darwin). — 1, H Gordon’s Beamish III; 2, P Manserg-Wallace’s Kilbride Billy J; 3, E Holden’s Sea Ocean Field. coloured (Mr D Ingle) exc 148cm.— 1 & ch, S Harty’s Rainbow Jacket; 2, J Green’s Little Tinker; 3,S McKenna’s Apache Legend. exc 158cm.— 1 & res, P Aspell’s Cut Above; 2, A McCormack’s Rasbury Clover; 3, P Gillie’s Knockearl Lad. cob.— 1, K McKibbin’s Lismovle Flashy Lass; 2, B Bourns’ James Rabbit; 3, T McNamara’s Shanbally Lucky Stripe. racehorse to riding horse (Mr I Stark, Mr G Landau).— 1, C Murphy’s Brave Inca; 2, C McBarron’s Firecatcher; 3, F O’Dwyer’s Castle Native. mare & foal (Mrs E York & Mr C Hewlett) mwt/hwt.— 1, D Rothwell’s Greenhall Dismissed; 2, J Tempany’s Leader Star; 3, J Lynch’s Eagle Flight. lwt.— 1 & ch b’mare, V & M Breen’s Banglestown Imp; 2, W Smyth’s Cosmo Girl; 3, D Gibson’s Country Times. colt foal.— 1, D Gibson; 2, D Rothwell; 3, P Hegarty’s Fenyas GS. filly.— 1, W Smyth’s Lady Ricardo; 2, J Tempany; 3, K O’Gorman’s Brookfield Miss Lux. mares in-foal to approved stallion.— 1 & res b’mare, M Roche’s Assargart Wonder; 2, K O’Gorman’s Brookfield Black Diamond; 3, M Jeffares’ Debbies Clover. Irish draught (Mr P Copithorne, Mr C Hewlett) reg mare.— 1 & res mare, D Dullea’s Killoutain Ginger; 2, H Wilson’s Tievenny Rebel Lady; 3, R Kennedy’s Cullaun Diamond. 5-y-o & over.— 1 & ch mare, V Wilson’s Millhollow Starlet; 2, T Nyhan’s Gairdin Mor Silver; 3, L Lynskey’s Lady In Red Star. colt foal.— 1 & ch foal, M McGroarty’s Edenagor Ted; 2, R & J Cowley’s Cloneyhea Eoin Rua; 3, J Hoare. filly.— 1 & res foal, C Dempsey; 2, L Morley; 3, P Fleming. stallion.— 1, T Slattery’s Heigh Ho Silver; 2, M Mannion’s Windgap Blue; 3, F Healys Heigh Ho Dubh. ridden (Mr I Stark, Mr T Fairburn).— 1, S Hill’s Castlerock; 2, R Shields’ Rockrimmon Glenside Monarch. TB stallion (Mr A Voorn, Mr D O’Byrne).— 1, R Cahalane’s Painters Row; 2, P & S Leacy’s Lakeshore Road; 3, P Byrne’s Power Blade. breeders ch (Mr A Voorn, Mr J Greve).— 1, K O’Gorman’s Kildysert Royale & Brookfield Miss Lux; 2, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Rebekah & Bloomfield William; 3, J & C Dineen’s Kilshinihan Lass & April. young horse (Hon Mrs J Cavendish, Mr T Wareham) y’ling.— 1 & res, A Irwin’s Mr Talent; 2, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Just A Dash; 3, A Irwin’s The Penthouse. filly.— 1 & ch, M Feeney’s Kealderra Lady; 2, A Lyons’ Indicator; 3, T Casey’s Lady Smyth. 2-y-o geld/colt.— 1, V Glass’ Dark Valley; 2, D Walsh’s Corporate Choice; 3, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Ollie. 2-y-o geld/colt.— 1 & ch, H McCusker’s Big Bucks; 2, N Broderick’s Ballyconnery Cron; 3, S Byers’ Lisdeen Boy. filly.— 1 & ch filly, D Gordon; 2, S Culliney’s Kilkeany Mystic; 3, F Dunn’s Kilpatrick Golden Choice. 3-y-o hwt.— 1 K Walsh’s Courageous Choice; 2, K O’Gorman’s Brookfield Friskey; 3, Lewis & Ryan’s I’m Chadwick. geld lwt.— 1, ch & sup, H McCusker’s Good Guy; 2, J Kellaher’s Bilbo; 3, D Gibson’s Lobinstown Lariet. filly.— 1 & res, J Lynch’s Seefin Rosewood; 2, Wafer Brothers; 3, G Mullins’ Electric Flame. 3-y-o competition horse (Mr K Warnecke).— 1, Mr & Mrs Ryan’s Good News; 2, R Stewart’s Mystery Girl; 3, T Gill’s Luxury Design. perf jumping (Mr H von der Decken).— 1, C Hanley’s Captain Caruso; 2, S Drea’s Douglas Cavalier; 3, W Smyth’s Egans Lady. jnr side-saddle (Mrs J Bates, Ms J Darwin).— 1, M Gorton’s Simply Red; 2, J Bloch’s Golden Flight; 3, S Anderson’s Ryan’s Diamond. Connemara in-hand (Mr M Sharpley, Mrs M McCann) filly/mare.— 1 & ch, F O’Reilly’s Glenmore Kellys Owen; 2, S Hoare’s Sienna Bright Sparrow; 3, A & D Henderson-Graham’s Ballyalt Calla Lily. stallion.— 1 & res, R Joyce’s Knockillaree Tomas; 2, R Fallon’s Cashelbay Cruise; 3, R Fitzgerald’s Fairyhill Gizmo. Connemara perf (Mr M Sharpley, Mrs M McCann) 5-7-y-o.— 1, A Suffern’s Annagh Storm; 2, J Hancock’s Comical Con; 3, B Crawford’s Astronaut. 8-y-o & over.— 1, J Moffatt’s Iratu Viragnac; 2, L Young’s Newtown Westie; 3, S McGee’s Dromod Moran Heather. 6-y-o & over, rider under 16.— 1, H O’Toole’s Cashelbay Joe; 2, C Devlin’s Blackwood Fernando; 3, P Cafferty’s Emer’s Boy. rider over 16.— 1, O Smyth-Kinane’s Treanlawn Glen Charlie; 2, E Maher’s Mister What; 3, P Mansbergh- Wallace’s Derrymore Paddy Finn. stallion.— 1, S Sinnott’s Glean Rua Native; 2, B & L Murphy’s Gleann Ra Maxwell; 3, L Lynskey’s Black Shadow. SHP (Mrs V Appell) 133cm.— 1, F Callaghan’s Newoaks Celebration; 2, L Grimes’ Paulank Summer Fog; 3, S Houston’s Araglen Myles. 143cm.— 1 & res, J O’Sullivan’s Valmore Irish Mist; 2, D Patterson’s Woodvale Classic Lady; 3, P Hevey’s My Little Spirit. 153cm.— 1 & ch, A McClenaghan’s Brookvale Posy; 2, S Barnwell’s Angel Delight; 3, G Torrens’ Rhos Royal Velvet. RDS equitational final (Mr A Voorn) 138cm.— 1, L Murray’s Quantum QT; 2, W Clarke’s A Touch Of Magic; 3, L Malone’s Miss Cappucino. exc 138cm.— 1, L Patterson’s Dr Spot; 2, K Thomson’s Made Of Gold; 3, Cashel House Stud’s Aristo Justice. mini (Mrs V Appell) LR.— 1, C Bannon’s Haighend Miss Georgette; 2, A O’Connor’s Hightopps Exquisite; 3, M Greene’s Holyvale Limited Edition. FR.— 1, H Rea’s Goldenvale Romance; 2, A Torrens’ Darkway Sunny Girl; 3, L Twomey’s Lanaway Sparkle. WHP (Mrs V Appell, Mr P Cooke) 133cm.— 1, S Odium’s Woodviews Charlie; 2, S Houston’s Araglen Myles; 3, A McClenaghan’s Sweet William. 133cm rider under 14.— 1, D Foley’s Clonshire Vito. 143cm 17.— 1, S Collen’s Inspector Morse; 2, H Clements’ My Hidden Surprise; 3, J Corbett’s Whitemere Jenny Wren. exc 143cm 20.— 1, B Murphy’s Master Mozart; 2, F Creaven’s Rineharney Michelle; 3, H O’Neill’s Rathkenny Snapdragon.

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