Epworth Spring Show affiliated show jumping results, 19 April

  • EPWORTH SPRING SHOW Epworth Showground, Lincolnshire, 19 April
    Trizone newcomers.— 1, Argento (J Whitaker); 2, Amaraldo (R Barton); 3, Cassio III (A Bedford). Horse & Hound Foxhunter.— 1, Udo D V (R Whitaker); 2, Urielle II (J Ward); 3, Utara (J Clayton). 1.20m open.— 1, My Fair Lady (T Whitaker); 2, Mistrato (S Russell); 3, Lead The Way (C Phillipps). B & C handicap.— 1, Chammartin (M Whitaker); 2, Lead The Way; 3, Contesse S Z (L Whitaker). 1.30m open.— 1, Utah Van Erpekom (J Whitaker); 2, Lets Dance (R Barton); 3, Sporting Charisma (L Redfern). Derby House British novice.— 1, Loop De Loop (A Saether); 2, Little Horse IV (I Bennett); 3, Gentleman Jack (C Richards). Equissage discovery.— 1, Ellway Prince (J Riley); 2, Little Imp II (N Oliver); 3, Mystic Prince (J Riley). 1.05m open.— 1, B Smart (L Redfern); 2, Swallow (J Burns); 3, Never Dull (Jo Whitaker). 1.10m open.— 1, Carmina Burana (S Wright); 2, Swallow; 3, Bandol (R Howell).

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