Energy boosting feed

  • Dodson & Horrell’s Performance Concentrate has been formulated for good doers that require a bit more “go”

    Feeding good doers who lack a bit of sparkle can be difficult, especially as some high-energy feeds pile on the pounds. Dodson & Horrell’s Performance Concentrate, could be the answer.

    Formulated to be fed at low level intakes, Performance Concentrate has elevated vitamins and minerals to ensure that even a small amount supplies your horse with all the nutrient he needs to perform at his best.

    Suitable for a range of horses and ponies, including those on good forage, laid back good doers, warmbloods, driving horses, part-breds and natives.

    Cost at around £8.25 for a 20kg bag.

    Contact Dodsoll & Horrell (tel: 01832 737300) or visit www.dodsonandhorrell.com

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