Endurance results April ’03

  • LANCASHIRE RIDE Croal Irwell Valley, Lancs 20 April

    68km: Grade 1 G Jones’s Squire (Best Conditioned). Grade 2 S Whitley’s Phineus. Grade 3 T Madden’s Estansa Abu Estasan; C Curtis’s Marshfields Imagination. 54km:Grade 1 G Parkin’s Lutandurvici; R Hogarth’s Blue Khafif; W Drinkwater’s Yashelle. Grade 2 P Geurin’s Zhiwah; R Bailey’s Bronze Templer; G Clutton’s Bonnie Cracklin Rosie; A Hill’s Cascade Of Flame; J-A Shephard’s First Time. Grade 4 S Robins’s Glaston Golden Storm. 54km Novice: Grade 2 T Walmsley’s Seren Ibn Hamatan. 34km: Grade 1 A Walton’s Zahrana; K MacDonald’s Sigmund; J Wright’s The Hooligan; V Wilmer’s Alex; L Flanagan’s Pasha. Grade 2 K Bamber’s Mr Magoo; K Williams’s Alderney Prince; A Farley’s Dorocina Zebadee; A Woodruffe’s Blue Rhapsody; J Goodwin’s Silva Senga. Grade 3 L Earnshaw’s Coppins Montana; J Clare’s Sassan; B Fowler’s Octon Silver Flambard. Completion D Brookes’s Mollies Melody. 34km Set Speed: Completion L Parker’s Sylvan Park Scally Wag. 34km Novice S Taylor-Green’s Moon Magician; S King’s Brackens Rane; A Harrison’s Ginger Spice; A Booth’s Duquesa LV; F Hewitt’s Good Secret; K Fellows’s Bonnie Bonito; L Bettany’s Clydesdale Diamond; K Goldstraw’s Alex II. Grade 2 Y Beesley & P Valley’s Fadisha; R Wood’s Voski. Grade 4 L Beesley’s Sally Sunshine; C Greaves’s Polly VII; A Brown’s Dunbeggin Countess. Completion D Taylor’s Stagsden Annabelle. 34km Set Speed Novice: Completion S Dynos’s Holly V; J Ratter’s Merlins Magic Spell.

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