Edenbridge & Oxted showjumping results, 29-30 August

  • Area trial.— 1, Beluga (L Renwick); 2, Univeau (P Miller); 3, Billy Congo (W Funnell). accumulator.— 1, Mieke II (V Cooper); 2, Gold Star (J Annett); 3, Ronaldo (M Armstrong). discovery.— 1, Man Of Mischief (S Holland); 2, Dylan The Villain III (M Hoad); 3, King Stag (N Braidwood). 1.30m.— 1, Urlanmore Aldi (P Lear); 2, Stella XVIII (M Dorgan); 3, Gold Star. newcomers.— Grace V (M Dorgan); 2, Dolores Overis Z (R Busby); 3, British Star Of Farms End (A Clover). 1.15m.— 1, Primier (A Campbell Horne); 2, Wayfer (S Lewis); 3, Glen Amber (T Fell). Top Score.— 1, Mieke II; 2, Gold Star; 3, Ronaldo. 1.30m.— 1, Lapaloma (L Long); 2, Coco Loco (J Annett); 3, Ladooga (C Luyckx). British novice.— 1, Credit Crunch (B Hatt); 2, Disney World (J Martin); 3, Perfectly Puzzled (J Shackleton). 1m.— 1, That’ll Do (B Parnaby); 2, Occupation (V Cooper); 3, Charisma (M Hoad). newcomers.— 1, Dolores Overis Z (R Busby); 2, Pauldarys Mystique (M Baker); 3, Darco’s Chikara (E Rigden). Foxhunter.— 1, Pepito D’Airsan (C Luyckx); 2, Wayfer (S Lewis); 3, Shenandoah Go Go Gin (J Annett).

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