Easy-to-wear leg protection

  • Protect your horse’s legs with “bullet-proof” competition boots

    Riders who need to protect their horse’s legs during strenuous activities will appreciate a new range of competition boots from Armadillo.

    Armadillo Invotec competition boots have an outer layer of Kevlar, a strong and extremely lightweight material used in bullet-proof clothing, and a lining of moulded Astrosorb, a compound which has been designed to help absorb the energy associated with an impact.

    The surface of the Astrosorb lining is textured to allow air to flow between the boot and the horse’s leg, keeping the temperature down without compromising the boot’s fit.

    The textured surface also helpsprevent foreign bodies from causing discomfort to the horse, by channelling them away from the horse’s skin.

    The boot’s outer surface has reflective properties, making them ideal for use when riding in poor light.

    Available in black and silver, the one-size boots are available in open-fronted tendon (£47), over-reach (£37) and fetlock styles (£42).

    Contact Armadillo (tel: 01908 629796) or visit www.armadillo-products.co.uk

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