Easy exercise sheets

  • PolyPads Exercise Duo is a quick and simply to use exercise sheet for the cold winter months

    The new PolyPads Exercise Duo offers all the benefits of the “Classic” PolyPad under the saddle, while keeping the horse’s hindquarters warm and cosy.

    The unusual design combines a numnah and an exercise sheet, which can significantly reduce the time taken tacking up for daily exercise.

    Originally designed in association with the Newmarket racing industry, the Exercise Duo is ideal for all clipped horses and will prove particularly useful for hunters and eventers doing fast fitness work.

    The rug has a tough polycotton outer and a soft, cotton-rich, towelling lining, making it machine washable and easy to dry.

    It is available in a range of colours including black, brown, and navy in small, medium or large sizes.

    Cost start at around £46 for a small (13hh-14.2hh) “Single” thickness, with a large (16hh plus hunter) in the thicker “Plus One” costing around £58.

    Contact PI Associates/PolyPads (tel: 01284 850511) or visit www.polypads.co.uk

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