Easton Harriers P-to-P

    High Easter, Sunday, 12 February (Good Soft in places)

    192. HEHC Members, 12st

    1 Rathnally Park (Henbit (USA)) (Perry Harding-Jones), fav M Mackley
    2 Lisnagar Hide (IRE) (N W Padfield), 4x C Gordon
    3 Pampered Lad (Alex Embiricos) A Pennock

    Also: Pampered Gale (IRE) (4), 4x, Scalby Croft (5), 7a, Infidel (IRE) (6), 7x, 1ow, Coxwell Snowstorm (7), Moss Campian (8), Skirmishing (ur). 9 ran. runin, 8l, 6l, 10l, 5l, 20l, 12l. 6min 50.0s. SP: EVENS. (Essex).

    193. Open Maiden 56&7yo, 12st

    1 Daraz Rose (IRE) (Darazari (IRE)) (Bradley Clarke), 14a Miss P Gundry
    2 Buster Mai (Di Grissell) P Hall
    3 Munster’s Best (IRE) (Sara Hickman) J Owen

    Also: Fair Promise (4), 3ow, Draconian (5), Classic Additions (pu), Highland Dancer (IRE) (pu), Island Fortress (pu), 7a, Missile (FR) (pu), Munch Munch (IRE) (pu), 7a, Sigma Three Gee (IRE) (f), fav. 11 ran. 1/2l, 12l, 15l, 25l. 6min 55.8s. SP: 6-1. (Bicester with Whaddon Chase).

    194. Open Maiden 8yo+, 12st

    1 Collective Opinion (IRE) (Glacial Storm (USA)) (David Kemp) D Kemp
    2 Back To Nature (IRE) (Grace Muir), fav N Harris
    3 Memsahib Ki Behan (Martin Ward), 7a M Mackley

    Also: Atlantic Drift (IRE) (4), bl, Baltic Lake (IRE) (5), Izzuthefox (IRE) (pu), San Malo (IRE) (re), Worth A Shot (IRE) (pu). 8 ran. 11/2l, 35l, 10l, runin. 7min 18.2s.
    SP: 2-1. (Suffolk).

    195. Mens Open, 12st

    1 Little Herman (IRE) (Mandalus) (Alison Hickman), 7x C Gordon
    2 Gatchou Mans (FR) (Ruth Hayter) A Merriam
    3 Native Hunter (IRE) (Laura Pomfret) M Mackley

    Also: Dunrig (IRE) (4), Bold Hunter (5), Bard of Drumcoo (IRE) (pu), 7x, fav, Lantern Leader (IRE) (pu), 7x, Mister Graham (pu), 7x. 8 ran. 5l, 6l, 15l, 7l. 6min 56.0s. SP: 12-1. (East Sussex & Romney Marsh).

    196. Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Minino (IRE) (Glacial Storm (USA)) (Caroline Taylor) Mrs C Taylor
    2 Exodous (ARG) (Ann Blaker) Miss A Sansom
    3 Killerine (FR) (Heather Kemp), bl Mrs H Kemp

    Also: Nicodemus (4), Celtic Duke (pu), Kirov King (IRE) (ur), Macfin (IRE) (pu), Multi Franchise (pu), 1ow, Sing High (pu), 7a, fav. 9 ran. 7l, 12l, 25l. 6min 51.0s.
    SP: 7-2. (Ashford Valley).

    197. Restricted, 12st

    1 Lord Attica (IRE) (Mister Lord (USA)) (Bradley Clarke), fav Miss P Gundry
    2 Tellem Noting (IRE) (Charlotte Marshall) P Hall
    3 Bewleys Newlands (Perry Harding-Jones) M Mackley

    Also: Second Thoughts (4), 7a, Kingfisher Star (5), Berewolf (IRE) (pu), Currow Kate (pu), 7a, Lisronagh Cross (IRE) (pu), Rakatia (pu), Waterliner (pu), 7a. 10 ran. 12l, 10l, 12l, 15l. 7min .7s. SP: 4-5. (Bicester with Whaddon Chase).

    198. Dodson & Horrell PPORA Club Members Moderate, 12st5lb

    1 Indoux (FR) (Useful (FR)) (Veronica Park) P Bull
    2 Sure Future (April Gingell) Miss L Franks
    3 Garrison Friendly (IRE) (Fiona Goddard), bl N Wilson (South)

    Also: Velvet Dove (4), 7a, fav, Altareek (USA) (f), bl, Castle Road (IRE) (pu), Fair Exchange (pu), Hail Stone (IRE) (pu), McAttack (IRE) (pu), Simber Hill (IRE) (pu), Stacky Light (FR) (pu). 11 ran. 2l, 8l, 3l. 7min 2.7s. SP: 6-1. (Mid Surrey Farmers Drag).

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