EastEnders star launches appeal

  • TV soap star, Pam St Clement launches a new appeal for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

    The charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, is starting its 20th anniversary celebrations with an appeal from EastEnders star, Pam St Clement, who plays busybody Pat Evans, nee Butcher.

    More than 800 hearing dogs have been partnered with their deaf recipients since 1982. Three quarters of dogs used in the scheme are selected fromrescue centres

    Pam St Clement said: “I’m full of admiration for the work that Hearing Dogs for Deaf People does.

    “I was brought up as a farm girl and am very pragmatic about animals – dogs have been working with and for people for centuriesand we owe them an enormous debt.

    “Hearing dog and deaf recipients quickly become a mutually dependent team, looking after one another in a way that goes beyond pet ownership.”

    The appeal is the first in a number of events throughout the year which include:

    • the unveiling of the charity’s new logo and new burgundy jacket colours at Crufts 2002 (7-10 March)

    • the official opening of the charity’s new headquarters in Saunderton, Bucks on 10 June

    • the opening of the Buckinghamshire centre to the public on 16 June

    • more than 40 sponsored walks throughout the country from 21 April-29 September.

    By the end of its 20th year, the charity says it hopes to have trained its one thousand’s hearing dogs and aims to: “bring independence and confidence to even more deaf people and new life to some of the UK’s unwanted and stray dogs”.

    For more information (tel: 01844 353898) or visit: www.hearing-dogs.co.uk

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