East of England Show 18 – 20 June ’04

  • EAST OF ENGLAND East of England showground, Peterborough, 18-20 June

    in-hand sport horse (V Graham) 2-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs A Pilgrim’s Devil At Daybreak; 2, R Williams’ I’ll Be Back; 3, B Yates’ Lucky ‘B’. 3-y-o 1 & ch, J Bainbridge’s Willowby; 2, Mr & Mrs A Pilgrim’s Devil Gone Walkabout; 3, C Charnick’s Dundeal. ridden (V Gingell, A Edmunds) 4-y-o 1, S Mills’ Pencarder Miss Ramexico; 2, E Wrennall’s Tornedo; 3, J Cooper’s Frodo. do 5-y-o 1, J Jerram’s Advance Party; 2, E Wrennall’s Silver Shadow VI; 3, J Evans’ Henrys Out of This World. do 6-y-o 1, L Hezeltine’s Kozee; 2, M Jerram’s Connel Castle; 3, K Oliver’s Gift Of Gold. in-hand competition horse (A Edmunds) y’ling 1, & res, J Cayless’ Nephew Hill; 2, Mr & Mrs C Drabble’s Low Moor Music Man; 3, B Langley-McKim’s Supreme Star. 2-y-o 1 & ch, M Larkin’s Valantino; 2, Mr & Mrs C Drabble’s Low Moor Lady’s Man; 3, J Moore’s Jemoon Flying Officer. 3-y-o 1, R Parker’s Wimpel; 2, J Bainbridge’s Willowby; 3, R Parker’s Prime Princes. 4-y-o 1, M Harnett’s Acorn; 2, C Payne’s Glyntarrel Lady’s Man; 3, Messrs Harris & O’Sullivan’s PS O’Hara. hunter breeding & y’stck (M Gibson) sml hunter mare 1, J Moore’s Dusty Miller; 2, Mr & Mrs W Raper’s Loumic Fantasia. foal of above 1, J Moore’s Jemoon Playboy; 2, Mr & Mrs W Raper’s Loumic foal. y’ling 1, F Hall’s Appleton Express; 2, Nephew Hill; 3, S Proctor’s Pencarder Prizefighter. 2-y-o 1, W Embleton’s Grand Baie; 2, G Phillips’ Show Me Heaven; 3, J Moore’s Jemoon Sea Spray. 3-y-o 1, M Hennessy’s Mystic River; 2, B Langley McKim’s Dexter’s Dovecote’s Ditto; 3, E Steptoe’s Maatilda. local 1, Dexter’s Dovecote’s Ditto; 2, S Yates’ Loch Royal. ridden hunters (H Knight, D Bartram) nov & 4-y-o 1, R Walker’s Ring Fort Landmark; 2, Kemanne Stud’s Initial Intent; 3, Frodo. nov l’wt 1 & ch, T Carey’s Principality; 2 & res, J Jerram’s Dunbeacon; 3, Integrated Packaging’s Carry The Flag. do h’wt 1, Mr & Mrs Fitechett’s Lawretto; 2, S Prior’s Murphy’s Law; 3, S Soskin’s Benelux Oison. open l’wt 1, S Cooper’s Sandy Lane; 2, W Wilkinson’s Glamour Boy; 3, V Ramm’s Sirius. m’wt 1 & ch, Integrated Packaging’s Imperator; 2, Mr & Mrs J Rawding’s Reaction; 3, M Stevens’ Romany King. h’wt 1 & res, Mrs & Miss Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, A Cooper’s Clarence; 3, J Tanner’s Hermes II. ladies’ (J Cooper) 1, J Jerram’s Noble Clover; 2, Shelford Rupert; 3, Mrs E Jumpston’s Seamus IV. sml 1, M Underwood’s Paddington; 2, A Vos’s Mountain Firefly; 3, R Gilsenan’s Di Vinci. WH (M Gibson, D Atkinson) open 1, L Bell’s Out Of Sight; 2, J Callwood’s Interparty Diamond; 3, J Armstrong-Small’s Zin Zan. nov 1, J Bell’s Reloaded; 2, L Henson’s Castlehyde; 3, Lady K Wills’ Litchfield Rowalan. in-hand RH (R Mills) sml y’ling 1, R & N Taylor’s Kilmiston King Kudos; 2, V Redbart’s Red Artiste; 3, L Parker’s Jessop Red Imp. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, R Mackenzie’s Shortwood Pale Rider; 2, M Donnelly’s Quizzical; 3, M Cherry-Downes’ Shamizan. lge y’ling 1, S Mutch’s Dancing Debutante; 2, J Wells’ Star Performance. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, K Hills’ Hillocks Rustic Gold; 2, A Chataway & S Meade’s Bring Me Sunshine; 3, A Fisher’s Dominik. RH (S Payne, S Somers) sml 1, J Ambler’s Fifth Avenue; 2, L Miller’s Amaretto; 3, J West’s Haddon Hurricane. do lge 1 & ch, K Bacon’s Kings Gold, 2 & res, P Ireland’s Dolphin Aristocrat; 3, D Colson’s Cynthia. cobs (D Machin; A Varley) lwt 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Draco; 2 & res, J McTiffin’s Highlander; 3, C Laurens’ Crown Court. h’wt 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Equator; 2, J McTiffin’s His Nibs II; 3, J Tanner’s Tuppence. hacks (N Hollings, A Hooley) sml 1 & res, C Fagan’s Colbeach Starlight Express; 2, P Gula-Walker’s Apres Nous; 3, J Reed’s Kingsford Silver Spray. lge 1 & ch, M Underwood’s Royal Trooper; 2, Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn State Melody; 3, V Smith’s Spellbound. CHAPS HoYS coloured (P Cook, J Cooper) non-native 153cm 1 & res, V Jenkins’ Nijinski Derma; 2, N Haynes Pebbley Merganzer; 3, J Blundell’s Mini Tidken Soldier. native/traditional/cob 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Satellite; 2, Eirins Clover; 3, J Marchant’s Malachi. non-native horse 1, J Evans’ Henrys Out Of This World; 2, N Tomes’ Florida; 3, Mrs C Martin & Dell Park Stud’s Merrigan. native/traditional/cob type 1, J Van Praagh’s Llangorfe Crickhowell; 2, P Porley’s Monivea Magic Rainbow; 3, G Portnall’s Woodend Pride. in-hand CHAPS champ Q y’stck. 1, K Smith’s Puzzles Mothers Pride; 2, R Gudgion’s Puzzles Sweet Sensation; 3, Mrs S Rook’s Seeing Double. native/cob/traditional 1, R Bennett’s Spring Hill Bally Bay; 2, S Watts’ Trixies Capuccino; 3, C Remy’s Tobias Gazebo. non-native 1 & ch, K Smith’s Puzzles Mother’s Pride; 2 & res, N Haynes’ Pebbley Merganzer; 3, O & T Money’s Harlequin Dream. M&M LR (J Oliver 1, L Woods’ Birchmoor Apollo; 2, D Batty’s Wharley Ffwl Ebrill; 3, A Jones’ Crawel Valetta. FR 1 & ch, T Meadows’ Talachddu Celebrity Son; 2 & res, S Michaelides & V Fenton’s Roseisle Symphony; 3, L Wood’s Birchmoor Apollo. sml ridden (J Etheridge) 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Halnaker Marton; 2, K Marriott-Payne’s Moelgarnedd Brwlwm; 3, P Cook’s Eyarth Cossack. lge 1 & ch, J Wormall’s Village Favourite; 2, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Carracastle Barney; 3, L Waite’s Karnarth Lysander. Welsh sec A & B (C Rankin) 1, E Johnston’s Paddock Personality; 2, Mr & Mrs Eddleston’s Twyford Tempus. barren mare 1, D Smith & A Jones’ Broughton Jemima; 2, V Derrick’s Goodies Eclipse. brood mare 1, ch & sup ch, Idyllic Stud’s Idyllic Fonteyn. foal 1, Idyllic foal. y’ling 1, M Butters’ Russetwood Ecstasy; 2, Idyllic Stud’s Hollizan Hermione. 2/3-y-o 1, S Rook’s Stambrook Messiah; 2, L Burt’s Idyllic Nimrod; 3, Mr & Mrs R Eastwood’s Llyndu Pert. sec C & D 1, A Denney’s Bwlchllan Royal Warior; 2, C Granger & P Mitchell’s Felinmor Ringmaster; 3, J Williams & K Curtis’ Michetltroy Welsh Rebound. mare/gelding 1, E Wright’s Calerux Jade; 2, D Murray’s Rectory Tegan; 3, G Sarsfield’s Gellihaf Sara. brood mare 1, A Fawcett’s Pantanamlwg Free Gift; 2, L Waite’s Brysaeth Del Du. foal 1, A Fawcett’s Treforest Marbon Mai; 2, L Waite’s un-named. y’ling 1, C Holland’s Calerux Rainbow Warrior. 2/3-y-o 1, P Fryer’s Popsters Voulez Vous; 2, C Holland’s Calerux Victoria. mixed M&M in-hand (J Custerson) Dartmoor/Exmoor mares/stallions 1 & res, L Grant’s Foxleat Rowanberry; 2, V Evans’ Galaxy Capricorn; 3, R Hobbs’ Hisley Peeress. do y’ling/2/3-y-o 1, R Hobbs Beaconsfield Morning Glory; 2, L Grant’s Treworgan Golden Jubilation; 3, S Gill’s Carraleigh Ann Bonnie. Connemara/New Forest/Dales/Fell/Highland 1, ch & res sup ch, C Wigley’s Westwick Laura; 2, C Drury’s Sporrandene of Kildavie; 3, P Cook’s Millfields Sportsman. do y’ling/2/3-y-o 1, J Sutton’s Hungry Hall Coronet; 2, C Green’s Priory Hooray Henry; 3, H Riley’s Machelthy Pollyanna. Shetland (D Staveley) 4-y-o & over 1, J Stevenson’s Hose Rowena; 2, Barugh family’s Fendale Victoria; 3, C Boyle’s Laugherne Smurf. y’ling/2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs L Gregory’s Brewards Paladin; 2, Mr & Mrs L Gregory’s Brewards Penny; 3, J Stevenson’s Hose Edda. mare with foal 1, E Payne’s Abbotsbury’s Valenta. riding pony in-hand (S Nelson) brood mare 1, Lady Benton Jones’ Oakley Lauren. foal 1, Lady Benton Jones’ Daldorn Whistleblower; 2, R Hobbs’ Beaconsfield Timanfay; 3, P Rafferty’s foal. y/ling 1 & res ch, Mr & Mrs M Wrighton’s Moorgate First Edition; 2, M Garth’s Longbourne Dolly Daydream; 3, L Fry-Lockier’s Whinfell Anastasia. 3-y-o 1 & ch, C Trodd’s Romany River Talisman; 2, D Smith’s Glebedale Sharmantty; 3, Lady C Caffyn-Parsons’ Syon Sugar Dragon. MM WHP (J Oliver; |J Hailes) exc 138cm 1 & ch, P Cox’s Burnsmoor Caracog; 2, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Caspar; 3, J Cooper’s Bellindene Rock Legend. 138cm 1 & res, G Jenkinson’s Millcroft Scallywag; 2, L Martell-Brown’s Northlight Solero; 3, K Turner’s Grenadier. 122cm 1, T Pitcher’s Bejownns Heidi; 2, S Gaunt’s Stremda Major. BSPS NS (D Payne, M Allison) 1, T O’Connor’s Bremar Willow; 2, H Watt’s Trewithian Callaway; 3, L Harris’ The Diamond Smuggler. BSPS int WH 1, T Janion’s Peeping Tom II; 2, R Gredley’s Boycott Tonic; 3, M Canter’s Galley Hill. BSPS WHP 143 cm 1, J Wormall’s Irish Dragoon; 2, K Ramsey’s Greenfields Bits & Pieces; 3, Y Dixon’s John’s Choice. 133cm 1, W Watherton’s Parkfield Freddie; 2, Y Dixon’s Stockham Stonechat; 3, T Bailey’s Mickey Finn. BSPS SHP (P Hilton, B Lears) 122cm 1, Cooper Corporation’s Wingland Make Believe; 2, G Thompson’s Stoak Glamour Girl; 3, E Crew’s Tetcott Sunshine. 133cm 1, G Simpson’s Rhos Eldorado; 2, S Oakes’ Stanbrook Pivitol; 3, D Thomas’ Rathnaleen Fascination. 143cm 1, S Oakes’ Roseberry Spanish Conquest; 2, A Rosenbloom’s Yealand Vain Glory; 3, J Templeton’s Yealand Chapter. BSPS int SHT 1, M Harwich & Newbury’s Banjo II; 2, J Blundell’s Starman; 3, M Underwood’s After All. BSPS SP (E Tate; P Wilson) 148cm 1 & ch, J Templeton’s Jacket’s Maybee; 2, C Smith’s Westhill Vanity Fair; 3, K Ramsey’s Hamtonne Dream Catcher. 138cm 1, C Murray’s Devine Lyric; 2, P Sowerby’s Rotherwood Flamenco; 3, L White’s Starlyte Bright Emerald. 128cm 1 & res, S Schofield’s Charn Kingfisher; 2, J Horsfall’s Westhill Encore; 3, J Templeton’s Colbeach Sensation. LR (P Aldred, J Hussey)1 & ch, A Fowler’s Chaseford Charisma; 2, A Evans’ Moreton Mill; 3, L Hillyard’s Barkway Black Jack. FR 1 & res, E Joslin’s Knapton Tamberine; 2, L Hillyard’s Hightopps Lucy Locket’ 3, S Austin’s Veejays Chatterbox. BSPS int SRT 153cm 1, D Thomas’ Wilderness Carmen; 2, S Harrison’s Royal Silk; 3, K Vines’ Lestarswood Admiaration. 158cm1, K Harris’ Starlyte Page Boy; 2, C Yates’ Manhattan; 3, L Haines’ Queensburn. miniature horse (D Lloyd Thomas) y’ling 1, P Brightwell’s Birling Queen Of Hearts; 2, C Foulkes’ Mainstar Liberty Belle; 3, D Pallt’s Ujenik Extasy’s Elle. 2/3-y-o 1, Messrs Sheridan & Williams’ Toyhorse Miss Dior; 2, C Foules’ Shadowplay Crystal Amber; 3, W Semmens’ Lyegreen Oberon. 4-y-o & over 1, C Foulkes’ Looking Glass Fabuella; 2, Messrs Sheridan & Williams’ Toyhorse Lord Malibu; 3, D Pallatt’s Toyhorse Count Bustino. British spotted (D Lloyd Thomas) y’stck 1 & ch, P Brightwell’s Birling Trump Card; 2 & res, S Hopkin’s Finchogue Finnigan; 3, Birling Queen Of Hearts. 4yrs & over 1, P Brightwell’s Fortenham Suzanna; 2, S Eady’s Bearpaws Apache.

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