East Anglian Native Driving Show, 20 August

  • EAST ANGLIAN NATIVE DRIVING SHOW Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, 20 August

    longreining (D Holt-Atkinson) 1, J Thomas’s Jack Of Clubs; 2, C Curran’s Titus; 3, H Seymore’s Skelghyll Joseph. pleasure vehicle und 13.2hh 1, E McGrath’s Merrydown Little Devil; 2, Mr & Mrs Snowden’s Rex of Larkrise (L Bowling); 3, N Snow’s Idyllic Chico Mendez. pleasure vehicle over 13.2hh 1, P & J Mills’s Toobie (L Mills); 2, Mr & Mrs Binder’s Llanwnda Winston; 3, Countess Of Iveagh’s Castle Hill Lad. nov horse/pony 1, Idyllic Chico Mendez; 2, R Clifton-Brown’s Digger; 3, Skelghyll Joseph. handy horse/pony 1, J Snowdon’s Peanuts; 2, Llanwnda Winston; 3, Castle Hill Lad. private driving Welsh 1 & sup, J Todd’s Navestock Owen; 2, G Blake’s Glanvyrnwy Prince Of Wales; 3, Mr & Mrs Standen’s Glynceiriog Llywelyn. private driving natives non-Welsh 1 & res, S Walrond’s Murvey Dunhill; 2, Mr & Mrs Snowdon’s Gometra Halyard & Rex Of Larkrise; 3, Skelghyll Joseph. ride & drive 1, Toobie; 2, R Clark’s Diachristu Dream On; 3, Llanwnda Winston. private driving non m&m 1, G Blake’s Agitato; 2, B Coote’s Penwisg Silvester & Ben. country turnout 1, Gometra Halyard & Rex Of Larkrise.

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