Dust-free low energy forage

  • Marksway introduce a Timothy grass-based dust-free bagged forage to its existing HorseHage range

    Owners of horses that suffer with respiratory conditions such as COPD, and those that prefer to feed a dust-free forage, will be pleased to hear that Marksway have introduced a new low energy dust-free bagged forage.

    Made from Timothy grass, Timothy HorseHage is high in fibre and lower in protein than some other grasses. This makes it an ideal choice for leisure horses and ponies as well as veterans, those convalescing or resting and laminitics when fed as part of a low energy diet.

    Marksway describes its new forage as highly palatable, making it ideal for fussy feeders. It contains no added sugar or preservatives and is quality guaranteed.

    Packed in a white bag with purple writing, one bag is the equivalent to one bale of hay. Once opened it should be used within seven days. One bag will provide three days forage for a 500kg horse.

    Cost at around £5.50 per bag.

    Timothy HorseHage is available in limited quantities by order through your local feed merchants.

    Contact Mark Westway & Son (tel: 01803 527257) or visit www.horsehage.co.uk

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