Dust-free hay alternative

  • Haymax Haylage is ideal for owners looking for quality, dust-free forage

    Horses with respiratory problems or those suffering an adverse reaction to dust and spores carried in hay require careful stable management, together with a quality nutritious diet.

    Manufactured since 1987, Haymax Haylage is made from mature timothy and rye grasses and promises to be not only highly palatable but dust and spore-free too.

    According to the manufacturers, Haymax solves the forage dust problem by allowing grass crop to dry naturally until its moisture content has been reduced to approximately 40%.

    Moisture and plant nutrients are then retained in a tightly compressed drum- shaped bale sealed within two airtight bags.

    Clean and easy to handle, this low-protein haylage (estimated at about 7%) is suitable for all types of horses and ponies.

    Once opened, each bale willretain its nutritional value for five – 14 days, depending on storage temperature, although the manufacturers recommend that it should be fed within five days of opening.

    Cost at around £5.50 per bale

    For more information visit www.haymax.co.uk or contact (tel: 01668 213467)

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