Dublin showing results, 15-19 August 2012

  • Small hunter (M Ainsworth, P Scott) 4/5yo.– 1 & res, M Bane’s The Grey Rebel; 2, M Rothwell’s Greenhall Cecil; 3, T Purcell’s Arkade Fire. 6yo & over.– 1 & ch, J Fay’s Colorado; 2, P Scott’s Le Polar Bear; 3, T & S O’Brien’s Razzle Dazzle Girl. riding horse (S Reynolds, Ms L Russell) sml.– 1 & ch, F Gumbleton’s Lord Foxford; 2 & res, R Ahern-O’Gorman’s Lissangle Lux The Business; 3, S McAteer’s Randalstown Good Time One. lge.– 1, S McCorry’s Watt A Star; 2, G O’Gorman’s Dreamcatcher; 3, P A Horner’s Brookfield’s Showdown. Sportsman amateur (R Sharp, P Scott) lwt.– 1 & ch, H Gordon’s Beamish; 2, M & C Howe’s 3, Millridge Kalmar; 3, S Connors’ Woodfield Bing. hwt.– 1, K Doyle’s Because Your Worth It; 2, M van LonkHuyzen’s Ruthstown Courier; 3, E Ferguson’s Westport Roller. Irish draught performance (J Cochrane, M Ainsworth) 4/5yo.– 1 & ch, F Flannelly’s Shining Sea; 2, J Costello’s Foster Flagmount; 3, E Dalton’s Rosses Ladybird. 6yo & over.– 1 & res, E Holden’s Dunleckney Dancer; 2, A Gunne’s Silver Skippy; 3, T Murphy’s Rochestown Amoroso. potential event horse (Y Breisner) 3yo.– 1, G Broderick’s unnamed; 2, T Conroy’s Volt Royale; 3, Fox & Casey’s Liam. Connemara (T Best, H Laurent) in-hand stallion.– 1 & ch, C Curran’s Glencarrig Knight; 2 & res, M & O Igoe’s Braveheart Of Kippure; 3, E Burke’s Clooneile Cashel. breeders’ ch.– 1, S Lusby-McGrath’s Lucky Anna; 2, L Walsh’s Lough Melvin Jane; 3, J Cuddy’s Coosheen Sparrow. performance hunter (T Best, B Tait) 5-7yo.– 1, J Higgins’ Josie Jump; 2, N O’Connor’s Agharanny Minstrel; 3, M Bond’s Shanbo Hazels Boy. 8-15yo.– 1, A Suffern’s Annagh Storm; 2, L Higgins’ Grey Victory; 3, J Finney’s Brook Boy. ridden (T Best, H Laurent) 4/5yo.– 1 & res, G Murphy’s Gleann Rua Ruby; 2, V Slater’s Cluain Laragh Cascade; 3, S Gageby-Denham’s Bertraghboy Heaven. 6yo & over.– 1, R Shiel-Mullen’s Pontoon Lad; 2, A Nixon’s Thee Atlantic Grey; 3, R Good’s Carrowkeel Jack. riders 17yr & over.– 1 & ch, P Mansbergh-Wallace’s Derrymore Paddy Finn; 2, C Devlin’s Blackwood Fernando; 3, C Carty’s Be My Star. 14yr & over.– 1, M & O Igoe’s Crusader Of Kippure; 2, L Lynskey’s Black Shadow; 3, T Hurley’s Robe Thunder. ridden hunter lwt (S Reynolds, Ms L Russell) 6-10yo.– 1, ch & sup, P Bradley’s Sugar Bob; 2, Lady P Blackwood’s Conundrum; 3, S Gault’s Smart Alec. 4yo, gelding.– 1, F Cousins’ Barnadown Whos Who; 2, M Cox’s Cato; 3, J O’Donavan’s Mr Darcy. mare.– 1, G Langford’s Ballymolloy Kinvara; 2, C Maartin-Smith’s Palinka; 3, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Seacat. 5yo, gelding.-1, A O’Grady’s Ballingowan Serenity; 2, M Rooney’s Moyvore’s Silver Lining; 3, L Wallace’s Point Of View. mare.– 1, ch mare & res lwt, D Sloan’s Drumlane Susie; 2 & res mare, F Dunn’s Kilpatrick Golden Choice; 3, R Hourigan’s D Silver Diva. mwt (R Sharp, P Scott) 4-10yo.– 1, J & S Tempany’s Eternal Optimist; 2, M Jeffares’ Ballykelly Brilliant Lady; 3, F Flannelly’s Myrtle’s Banner. geld, 4yo.– 1, Mr & Mrs Mahoney’s Gamekeeper; 2, H Dunlop’s Springalong; 3, D Tierney’s Bloomfield Bergerac. 5yo.– 1 & res, O Scully’s Sir Temple Touch; 2, T Spence & L Boggs’ Kingarve; 3, A Kirkpatrick’s AK Good To Go. 6-10yo.– 1, P Fallon’s Lux View; 2 & res, T Spence & L Boggs’ King Sitric; 3, F Crowe’s Highdell Eclipse. hwt (J Cochrane, M Ainsworth) 4yo.– 1, J Bradbury’s Clonegal; 2, 4yo ch & res sup, K Ryan’s Tiny Tim; 3, P Loughlin’s Kathmandu. 5-10yo.– 1 & ch, H & E Douglas’ Rock Manor; 2, L Wallace’s Redemption Ground; 3, V Ramm’s Shantaram. ladies (Miss B Ensten, Ms L Russell) lwt.– 1 & ch, G O’Gorman’s Dreamcatcher; 2, H Gordon’s Beamish; 3, Drumlane Susie. hwt.– 1 & res, P Langran’s Banada Diamond Star; 2, B Gallagher’s Shanbally Foxy; 3, M Robb’s Braeview Codega. working (J Cochrane, P Scott) 4yo.– 1 & ch, K Ryan’s Croisiere; 2, G Langford’s Ballymolloy Kinvara; 3, N Corr’s Cross-Stitch. lwt.– 1, G McGrath’s Aughnabroc Ruarii; 2, Lady P Blackwood’s Conundrum; 3, Willow Sport Horses’ Galloway Bay Socks Boy. hwt.– 1 & res, A Murphy’s Wexford Pimpernel; 2, M Corr’s Trew And Moy; 3, R McElligot’s Chorus. ID mares/foals (Mrs B Rich, D Ricketts) 3/4yo.– 1 & ch, P Hoare’s Moylough Pearl; 2, T & M Kelly’s Elm Lilly; 3, G & V Draper’s Rosses Gentle Ruby. 5yo & over.– 1 & res, J Hoare’s Dowdstown Jane; 2, D Dullea’s Killountain Ginger; 3, L Lynskey’s Lady In Red Star. foal, colt.– 1 & res, S Sloyan; 2, D Doyle; 3, J McNulty’s Edenagor Paddy. filly.– 1 & ch, J Hoare’s Dowdstown Dancer; 2, G Devenney’s Glensmill Miss J Lo’s Silver Star; 3, M Neville. colt/filly.– 1, D Dullea; 2, P Hoare’s Moylough Martini; 3, J Corbett. stallion.– 1, Cappa Stud’s Cappa Cassanova; 2, S Barker’s Gortfree Hero; 3, F Healy’s Heigh Ho Dubh. young horse (D Ricketts, N Swallow) y’ling geld/colt.– 1 & res, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Mr Perfect; 2, T Foley’s Harison; 3, V McCallister’s Carraigahilla Ronald. filly.– 1, ch & res Pembroke, P Lehane’s PJ’s Dream; 2, A Lyons’ Miss Goodnight; 3, S & C O’Connor’s Barnacurra Lux Hill. 2yo, geld/colt, hwt.– 1, J & G Donaghy’s One Day soon; 2, J Roche’s Assagart Master; 3, D Fahey’s Riverview. lwt.– 1, ch & Laidlaw ch, M O’Callaghan’s; 2, D Gibson’s Saveing Grace; 3, P Lehane’s Happy Lux. filly.– 1 & res, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Good To Go; 2, J & M Roche’s Assagart Mistress; 3, R McCoombe’s Baby Wow. 3yo geld, hwt.– 1, ch & res Laidlaw ch, J & H Crosbie’s Mr Kingsley; 2, H McCusker’s Tom Boy; 3, J McDonald’s Kilglassan King. lwt.– 1 & Pembroke ch, P Bennett’s; 2, G Mullins’ Electric Game; 3, J & J Crosbie’s Begley. filly.– 1 & res, R McCoombe’s My Lisnagade; 2, N Murphy’s Inistioge Best Betty; 3, K O’Gorman’s , Brookfield Miss Lux. 3yo loose jumping, geld/colt.– 1 & ch, F Quinn’s Fuerty Captain Carismo; 2 & res, ANC Sport Horses’ ABC Quantum Cruise; 3, V McArdle’s Ballinfull Boy. filly.– 1, V O’Callaghan’s; 2, M Bolger’s Kilcannon Quality Cruise; 3, M Power’s KMS Loving You. breeders ch (M B Le Courtois Snr, G Bicocchi).– 1, D Rothwell’s Greenhall Dot; 2, T O’Gorman’s Dysart Lilly; 3, N Murphy’s Rose Garland. young event horse (E Stibbe, R Haller, B Tait) 4yo.– 1, H Hamilton’s Dam Easy; 2, M Kehoe’s She’s A Tom Boy; 3, S Hamilton’s Swain. 5yo.– 1, E Jackson’s Fly Away Ferro; 2, Dr C McKay’s Oakley; 3, J Webb’s Fernhill Frankie. sml.– 1, K Connors’ Millridge Buachaill Bui; 2, C Harold-Barry’s Cleo Ferro; 3, R Power’s Cill Bhrid Bui. cob (J Cochrane, M Ainsworth) lwt.– 1 & res, D Tierney’s Leabeg; 2, L Lee-Hatton’s Dapple Apple Jack; 3, R Connors’ Tom Tug. hwt.– 1 & ch, M Comerford’s Beechhill Flagmount; 2, S McAteer’s Randalstown Broadway; 3, S Doyle’s Luke Lad. maxi.– 1, S McAteer’s Randalstown Bentley; 2, M O’Connor’s Christophorus; 3, A Searson’s Chattie Charlie. coloured (R Sharp) 158cm.– 1 & res, B Bourns’ Jumble; 2, M Curtis’ Painted Cavalier; 3, A Quinlan’s Lady Diva. exc 158cm.– 1 & ch, S Smyth’s Ballylurgan Jaco; 2, L Wallace’s Jigsaw Jack; 3, M Roberts’ Mr Moto. retrained racehorse (N Williamson, R Tyner).– 1, Banjo Syndicate’s Accordian Etoile; 2, L Byrne’s Hardy Eustace; 3, B Walsh’s Silver Birch. hunter mare/foal (D Goldie, R Ramsay) mare, mwt/hwt.– 1 & res, J & M Roche’s Assagart Saviour; 2, J Roche’s Assagart Millenium; 3, P Gordon’s Full Irish. lwt.– 1 & ch, Wafer Bros’ Miss Conci; 2, D Gibson’s Ballycapple Blackbird; 3, W Smyth’s Cosmo Girl. foal, colt.– 1, Wafer Bros; 2, J & C Roche’s Assagart Eclipse; 3, D Gibson. filly.– 1, V Breen’s Sharon Ramiro B; 2, J & M Roche’s Assagart Spirit; 3, M Farrell. foal by TB sire.– 1, Wafer Bros; 2, Assagart Eclipse; 3, Assagart Spirit. stinted mare.– 1, L Supple’s Southwell Diamond Diva; 2, R Cowley’s Cloneyhea Peas; 3, J & C Roche’s Traveling Solo. jnr side saddle (Miss B Ensten).– 1, P Mansbergh-Wallace’s Kilbride Billy Jo; 2, A Ryan’s Thorndale Mischief; 3, T & S O’Brien’s Razzle Dazzle Girl. snr (Miss B Ensten, Ms L Russell).– 1, M Butler’s Corrileas Imp; 2, A Kirkpatrick’s Alfie; 3, P Scott’s Le Polar Bear. LR (Mrs J Bushell).– 1, J Widger’s Haighend Miss Georgette; 2, J O’Driscoll’s Amesbury Bumble Bee; 3, C McGimpsey’s Mountain Gamecock. FR.– 1, A Cashman-Wyse’s Barkway Chorister; 2, M Marnane’s Llananant Barcud; 3, C Egan’s Goldengrove Romance. WHP (Mrs J Bushell, A Williams) 13 3cm.– 1, A Torrens’ Moyan Trooper; 2, C Crawford’s Ardfry Sarabi; 3, Z Stassin’s Rumworth Moonlight. 143cm.– 1 & ch, P O’Connell’s Ballynahowen Eamon; 2, A McClenaghan’s Bit Of A Pickle; 3, P McGowan’s A Touch Of Magic. 153cm, sec A.– 1, H O’Neill’s Rathkenny Snapdragon; 2, M Mackie’s Rosinic William Wallace; 3, S Hayes’ Kileatin Edition. sec B.– 1, S Moore’s Fortview Toyboy; 2, C Devlin’s Blackwood Fernando; 3, D Finnegan’s Tommie Girl. 158cm.– 1 & res, M Moore’s What A Diamond; 2, M Bennett’s Liffey Galileo; 3, L Townsley’s Hazel Rock Sun. SHP (A Williams) starter.– 1, A McClurg’s Barford Jack In A Box; 2, M Marnane’s Llananant Barcud; 3, L & A Grimes’ Barossa Camilla. 133cm.– 1 & res, V Madigan’s Hollyvale Citation; 2, L A Grimes’ Paulank Summer Fog; 3, J Somerville’s Ardville Caddy. 143cm.– 1, R Kelly’s Scarlett Knight; 2, E Kelly’s Goldengrove Alaczar; 3, C Winters’ Rhos Royal Velvet. 153cm.– 1, C Murphy’s The Connisseur; 2, P Lacey’s Northern Fanfare; 3, A Cox-Mills’ Brookvale All Talk. int.– 1 & ch, J Fay’s Colorado; 2, E Ryan’s Kilmannahan Red Rum; 3, A Dwyer’s Masons Showpiece.

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