Dublin show 3 – 7 August ’05

  • DUBLIN Ballsbridge, Dublin, 3-7 August

    ridden lwt hunters (Mr C Hunnable & Mr P Brookshaw) 6-10 yrs 1, L Anstey’s Jack O’Diamonds; 2, N Moore’s Interest Free; 3, C McAlpine’s Kilcotty Jim. 4-y-o geld 1 & sup, Team Connswater & McCusker’s Connswater River; 2, H Dunlop’s Avolan; 3, M & P Leonard’s Ringwood Beau. 4-y-o mare 1 & res mare, V Breen’s Banglestown Imp; 2, P McAvoy’s Roughan Dancer; 3, L Patterson’s Viking Snapshot. 5-y-o geld 1, J Burgess’ What’s What; 2, L Bogge’s Hope Of Kilrush; 3, Team Connswater & A McCusker’s Connswater Plaza. mare 5-10-y-o 1 & ch mare, R Slator’s Something Special; 2, Mr & Mrs Ryan’s Intuition; 3, A Dixon-King’s Coevers Graney. mwt (Mr I McKie & Mr I Stark) 6-10-y-o 1, Countess Goess-Saurau’s Gosforth Park; 2, S Anderson’s Golden Graduate; 3, G McKeena’s Lake View Star. 5-y-o geld 1, M Murphy’s Millenium Cruise; 2, E Patterson’s Brookefield Ted; 3, A Brewster’s Kelly’s Hero. 4-y-o geld 1, A Smurfitt’s Bow River; 2, M Rooney’s The Journeyman; 3, M Connon’s Kilpatrick Squire. hwt (Mr D Machin & Mr J Poole) 4-y-o 1 & res sup, Mr & Mrs Ryan’s Silverstream; 2, S Gault’s Ballyhoo Sean; 3, G Chapman’s Adaggion Again. 5-10-y-o 1, T Murphy’s Cousane Superstar; 2, P Creighton’s Freddie Kruger; 3, M Hayden’s Sheskeen Pride. ladies (Miss B Millington & Ms M Thomas) mwt 1, S Anderson’s Golden Graduate; 2, E Patterson’s Brookfield Ted; 3, L Bogg’s Tamerlane Ice. lwt 1, M&P Leonard’s Ringwood Beau; 2, L Anstey’s Jack O’Diamonds; 3, Team Connswater & A McCusker’s Connswater Plaza. Thornton Recycling working hunter (Mr D Machin & Mr I Stark) 4-y-o 1, V McBride’s Sharamiro; 2, G Lowry’s Who Knows; 3, M Cousins’ Some Buzz. mare 5-10-y-o 1, F Crosse’s St Helene; 2, A Healion’s Annaghmore Lady Valier; 3, A Dixon-King’s Coevers Graney. geld do 1, J Lewis’ Leonardo; 2, F Purcell’s Glascarn Jake; 3, Lady Perdita Blackwood’s Steeple Jack. small (Mr I Stark & Mr P Brookshaw) 4/5-y-o 158cm 1, H Troughton’s Silken Story; 2, S Harty’s Rainbow Jacket; 3, S Moore’s Fortview Tale. 6-y-o & over do, class A 1, Dr O’Connell’s Amarillo; 2, F Lyons’ Rupert Bear; 3, V Ormedillia’s Denver. class B 1, G O’Gorman’s Exclusive; 2, J Burgess’ Coronea’s Kestrel; 3, J Dempsey’s Cleggan’s George. cob (Mr I McKie & Mr C Hunnable) lwt 1, D Corr’s Jack Jones; 2, R Dunlop’s King Edward; 3, Mr & Mrs Corbett’s Emerald Star. hwt 1, V Jenkins’ Scarlett O’Hara; 2, D Mills’ Ikey Bell; 3, S Oakes’ Croboy. riding horse (Miss B Millington & Mr D Machin) small 1, D Spencer’s Theophilus; 2, J Fay’s Sheer Charisma; 3, J McNeice’s Whalton Bengal Tiger. lge 1, G O’Gorman’s O’Loughlin’s Hope; 2, H Flanagan’s Beamish; 3, D Gomes’ Braveheart. Libra Designs side-saddle (Miss B Millington & Ms M Thomas) 1, Beamish; 2, Exclusive; 3, Coronea Kestrel. Irish Piebald & Skewbald Association (Mr D Machin) 153cm 1, L Geddes’ Irish Horse Reviews Jigsaw; 2, F McCarthy’s Picture Puzzle; 3, D Cluskey’s Commanche Rose. exc 153cm 1, G McGuiness’ Tango Surprise; 2, L Crutchley’s Monochrome Apache; 3, M Murphy’s Charlie Blue. cob 1, Croboy; 2, S & G Murphy’s Mr Pye. Tiernan Gill Brooklands Bedding hunter breeding, non-TB mare (Mr P Hobbs & Mrs A Hawkins) hwt 1 & ch, J Tempany’s Leaderstar; 2, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare My Fair Lady; 3, J Carlisle’s Night Fever. lwt 1, D Gibson’s Country Times; 2, T Connolly’s West Away; 3, Lougherne Stud’s Lougherne Aminka. colt foal 1, K Fahey; 2, D Gibson; 3, L Patterson. filly 1, J Tampany; 2, J Carlisle; 3, J Lynch. non-TB mare 1, Cloneyhea Equestrian Services’ Cloneyhea Paupers Sport; 2, M Roche’s Assagart Millenium; 3, L Corniskey’s Break the Bank. Westward Scania Irish Draught (Mrs N Pease & Mr P Gleeson) mare 3-4-y-o 1, Crosbie & Osborne’s Walnut Chase; 2, M Neville’s Blackmoor Silver Mist; 3, C & N Moore’s Tully’s Valley. over 5-y-o 1, S Finlay’s Nancy Steele; 2, E Deane’s Mill Hollow Queen; 3, W Savelkouls’ Ardattin Mandy. colt foal 1, E Corbett’s Heathcliff; 2, D Mills’ Dunleckney Dancer; 3, M Moore. filly 1, P Hennessy; 2, S Finlay; 3, C Deon. stallion 1, M DuPont’s It’s The Quiet Man; 2, T & H O’Regan’s Coolcronan Wood; 3, E Deane’s Fast Silver. ridden (Mr J Poole & Mr D MacAuley) 1, S Kingham’s Cabra West; 2, M Hayden’s Sheskeen Pride; 3, D Tems’ Bannerman Breeze. Tattersalls Ireland Ltd TB young horse (Mr P Hobbs & Mrs A Hawkins) 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare In The Pink. Gorsebridge Horse Sales TB, stallion 1, P Byrne’s Power Blade; 2, Tougher & O’Toole’s Daar Alzamaan; 3, W Kent’s Van Wantzig. breeders ch (Mr P Hobbs & Mrs A Hawkins) 1, Leader Star; 2, D Gibson’s Country Times; 3, K Fahey’s Kief Princess. Aiken Promotions young horse (Mrs J Cavendish & Mr D Broome) y’ling male 1, D Gibson’s Highpoint; 2, S Lehane’s The Galway Guy; 3, D Gibson’s X Factor. filly 1, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Look At Me; 2, D Rothewell; 3, L Patterson’s Viking Scandal. 2-y-o geld 1, G Mullins’ Electric Flame; 2, P Lehane’s The Villain; 3, G Chapman’s Crown Crest. lwt 1, T Gill; 2, S Whittle’s Father Ted; 3, W Kent. filly 1, V McCallister’s Jacqui Girl; 2, D Gibson’s Morning Glory; 3, S & G Murphy’s Springfield Celesta. 2/3-y-o geld 1 & ch, D & C Kirkpatrick’s Redwood Thyme; 2, Gibson & Renwick’s Laracor Archie; 3, N Connors’ Woodfield Nick. lwt 1, T Johnston’s Mr Maloney; 2, J Dolan’s Kilpatrick Duke; 3, D Gibson’s Headliner. 3-y-o filly 1, W Ryan’s Regal Robe; 2, M McKelvey’s Rubia; 3, T Gill. 3-y-o loose jumping (Mr A Storme) 1, V O’Callaghan’s Ricardo’s Quest; 2, S McDonald’s Chatsworth’s Top Quality; 3, Dr Durkin’s Ishd Drumgay Star. Libra Designs jnr side-saddle (Miss B Millington & Ms M Thomas) 1, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend; 2, C O’Carroll’s Golden Grove Boy; 3, J O’Brien’s Dunshane Just William. pony 1, C Devlin’s Selor Minetsky; 2, E Freeman’s Moelgarnedd Dymuniad; 3, J Lumley-Fleming’s New Harlaw. Connemara in-hand (Mrs M Furness & Mrs E Petch) 2-y-o 1, H O’Toole’s Village Linnet; 2, C Curran’s Glencarrig Diane; 3, P & N Heanue’s Glenayre Katie. 3-5-y-o 1, C & J Bradbury’s Kilbride Pearl; 2, B & C Snow’s Glanmore Hillan; 3, L McEvilly’s Ciro Justice. over 6-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Staveley’s Eastlands Burniebrae; 3, G Curran’s April Rose. stallion 1, E Burke’s Currachmore Cashel; 2, A Fitzpatrick’s Carraig Thunder; 3, M Igoe’s Rosscastle Kippure Cathal. ridden (Dr E O’Connell & Mrs S Miller) 4-y-o & over 1, G Glynn’s Blackwood Fernando; 2, J Cazabon’s Orwell; 3, M Maunsell-Flynn’s Master Mozart. 4-6-y-o 1 & ch, J McNeice’s Holiday Out Of The Blue; 2, J Kenny’s Mairtin Coiite Dubh; 3, L Lynch’s Ashfield Archie. 7-y-o & over 1, J O’Brien-Brindley’s Fionn Mac Cumhaill; 2, D Wachuku’s Bright Spark; 3, J Andrews’ Coral Misty Jane. Southside Contract Cleaners SHP (Mrs D Machin) 133cm 1, Mr & Mrs Taylor’s Valmore Irish Mist; 2, M Dennehy’s Hollyvale Citation; 3, C Devlin’s Pennway Olympic Spirit. 133cm rider under 14-y-o 1, E Power’s Kynersley Purple Star; 2, E Freeman’s Moelgarnedd Dymuniad; 3, S Kinley’s Windale Miniature Rose. 143cm 1, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend; 2, C O’Carroll’s Golden Grove Boy; 3, R Daly’s Yealand Capulet. 153cm 1, P Desmond-Hynes’ Parkmore Symphony; 2, I Reynold’s Rathbawn Alaska; 3, P Mansbergh-Wallace’s Kilbride Billy Jo. RP (Mr T Best) 148cm 1 & ch, K Reynolds’ Roodlebats Sinnitta; 2, S Kinley’s Windale Miniature Rose; 3, Yealand Capulet. novice 1, Yealand Capulet; 2, S Moore’s Silver Stone; 3, M Moore’s Private Ryan. Southside Contract Cleaners equitation, riders 10-14-y-o 1, V Moore’s Rockmount Renegade; 2, B Thompson’s Scottie Too Hottie; 3, E Power’s My Little Cracker. 12-17-y-o 1, R Fallon’s Cashel Bay Misty; 2, S Stears’ Huracaine; 3, D Kelly’s Quantum Duo. M O’Byrne Hire & Catering Ltd LR (Mr T Best) 1, J Wixted’s Chinook Eclipse; 2, A Davies’ Lechlaoe Mahonia; 3, P Burke’s Courtway Autumn Belle. FR 1, J Taggart’s Ravara Jack Rabbit; 2, D O’Sullivan’s Starry Knight; 3, Chinook Eclipse. Wm Bird WHP (Ms J Bradbury & Mr D Blair) starters 1, E Wentges’ Jingle Bells; 2, My Little Cracker; 3, G Hayes’ Sanantone Girl. 133cm 1, L Young’s Ardfry Ahab; 2, A Murphy’s Sir Philip; 3, S Perry’s Hamlyn Boy. 143cm 1, J O’Brien-Brindley’s Brookvale Skylark; 2, B Brindley’s Gransha’s Jerry Mouse; 3, P Crawford’s Ardfry Cedar. 153cm 1, A Stanley’s Bob Marley; 2, M Flynn’s Master Columbus; 3, L McAuliffe’s Sadat’s Golden Princess

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