Dual-purpose exercise rug

  • Warm and waterproof, the new All-Weather Nordic Exercise rug from Thermatex is two rugs in one

    As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, finding that ideal exercise rug foryour equine partner becomes increasingly important.

    For those of you who want a waterproof exercise rug that is easy to fit and remove, the Thermatex All-Weather Nordic Exercise Rug could be just what you’re looking for.

    Made from Thermatex’s quilted ‘wicking’ fabric with a removable waterproof cover, the All-Weather Nordic can be fitted under the saddle flaps, fastening over the withers with Velcro. This makes it simple to remove when necessary.

    The removable lightweight waterproof cover is available in a choice of five colours, including florescent yellow with reflective tapes, making it ideal for use while hacking on the roads. Held in place with zips, the cover also provides protection during wet weather.

    Individually hand cut and fitted with a fillet string, the quilted rug is ideal for working in at competitions, as well as fast fitness work, general hacking and schooling.

    The quilted rug is available in 14 colours, with covers in day-glo yellow, black, navy, dark green and red, with or without reflective tapes. Sizes range from 4′ to 5’3″.

    Costs around £90.

    Contact Thermatex (tel: 01239 614648) or visit www.thermatex.co.uk

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