Driving results May 2001

  • STOCKWOOD PARK Luton, Beds, 28 May

    concours d’elegance: exercise vehicles (E Ansell). 1, B Branyan’s Greenlinks Trampus; 2, Mr & Mrs M Atkinson’s Neneside Sir James (Z Smith); 3, R Neale’s Meadowside Tegwch. concours d’elegance: traditional vehicles (E Ansell). 1, D Hanbury’s Petty Larsony and Grand Theft; 2, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 3, J Davies & N McGrail’s Synod Robert Black. exercise vehicles under 13.2hh (R Jacobs). 1, Greenlinks Trampus; 2, E Green’s Little Lady; 3, R Webb’s Sam. exercise vehicles, 13.2hh and over (R Jacobs). 1 G. Price’s Fair Red Rum; 2, Neneside Sir James; 3, A Howe’s Kings William. exercise vehicles: pneumatic tyres (R Jacobs). 1, D Morris’s George; 2, G Marks’s Marton Miss & Marton Miss Magic. private driving, under 13.2hh (R Jacobs). 1, Mr & Mrs E Edmonds’s Synod Guard; 2, G Crozier’s Joyton Golden Dream; 3, W Wybrew’s Tilston Cardinal. private driving, 13.2hh and over (R Jacobs). 1, CSherfield’s Whitethorns Black Pasha, 2, Synod Robert Black, 3, Glenshane Prince. junior whip, 14 years and under (R Jacobs). 1, J Edwards jnr; 2, E Fagan; 3, T Fountain. junior whip, 15-18 years (R Jacobs). 1, Z Smith; 2, E McCrath. light trade. P Mills’s Nero; 2, C Sherfield’s Whitethorns Prince William; 3, D Mansbridge’s Jupiter. native ponies exc. Welsh (R Jacobs). 1, S Walrond’s Scottsway Sunset & Scottsway Sunrise. registered Welsh A,B,C,D (R Jacobs). 1, Synod Robert Black; 2, Synod Guard; 3, Tilston Cardinal. best BDS area turnout (R Jacobs). 1, S Squirrel’s Rhstyd Prince Daniel; 2, George; 3, Little Lady. novice whip (R Jacobs). 1, K Giles; 2, E Fagan; 3, S Black.

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