Driving results June ’03

CADNAM Southampton, Hants, 1 June

private driving over 13.2hh (B Blundell)1, A Hannan’s Jetset High Flyer; 2 & ch, Mr & Mrs Beale’s Redwing Rosalind (B Beale); 3, B Goodsell’s Caedelyn Cymdogs Image. 13.2hh & under1 & res, D Butler’s Murgatroy (P Jarman); 2 & sup, M Honeybourne’s Wainsford Why Oh Why; 3, M Fowle’s Trafaes Dixie. native type1, M Berrow’s Dalcrest Jessie (C Mouland); 2, J Emery’s Cwmtynant Sulwyn; 3, C Green’s Chess’s Last. Hackney pr Hackney-type1, Redwing Rosalind. country cart1, Dalcrest Jessie; 2, S McBride’s Grayswood John Boy (R Page). concours d’elegance over 13.2hh (R Parsons)1, Chess’s Last; 2, Redwing Rosalind; 3, R Arnold’s Sweet Prospect. 13.2hh & under1 & ch, Wainsford Why Oh Why; 2, S Vale’s Stroundwood Hellraiser; 3, Trafaes Dixie. pleasure driving 13.2hh & under (B Blundell)1, res & res sup, B Foster’s Belch Ford Ragtime (E Foster). over 13.2hh1, B Hawkins’ Grayswood Eleizer (Mrs Hawkins); 2, J Stallard’s Allix. veteran horse or pony1, CSherwin’s Navestock Marksman; 2, Wainsford Why Oh Why; 3, J Goody’s Kestrel. exercise carts singles (S Adkins) non-pneumatic tyres1, R F Emery’s Earnley Stormburst (D Emery); 2 & ch, Belch Ford Ragtime; 3, J Doe’s Barnstormer. pneumatic tyres1 & res, Mr & Mrs Roger’s Seva Bell Boy (H Rogers); 2, C Grren’s Lewis (G Dockin); 3, J Stallard’s Allix. nov horse /pony1, Redwing Rosalind; 2, Lewis; 3, J Goody’s Kestrel. jnr whip1, Seva Bell Boy; 2, Belch Ford Ragtime. best nov whip1, J Willis’ Jon Mar Sweet William. prospective driving horse or pony (M Attree)1, L Forrester’s Sarum Rhwsyn; 2, Allix; 3, S Holloway’s Marcasite Mischief. ride & drive (M Attree/S Adkins)1, Dalcrest Jessie. stlye & perf Q (S Adkins)1 & ch, Cwmtynant Sulwyn; 2 & res, Belch Ford Ragtime; 3, Wainsford Why Oh Why.


in-hand ponies (M Neachell) y’ing colts1 & ch, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Touch of a Star; 1, J Chicken’s Stapleford Bobby; 3, S Hood’s Wings Unbeleivable. fillies1 & res, J Chicken’s Stapleford Miss Polly; 2, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Dainty Model. stallions 2-y-o1, A Ward’s Sunbeam Star Dust. 3-y-o1 & ch, P Holcombe’s Wainbrooks Little Chicco; 2 & res, S Sayers’ Perrybridge Little Tramp. 4-y-o and over1, sup & sup, M Ongley’s Cowstead Meteor; 2 & res sup, EE & D Vyse’s Sunbeam Star Step; 3, R Carter & L Pittaway’s BenthamGizmo. mares 2-y-o1, ch, sup & sup, A Ward’s Sunbeam Minuet; 2, P Holcombe’s Westbourne Little Crystal. 3-y-o1 & res, P Holcombe’s Hamewith Cairnie; 2, S Prescott’s Vanagh Moon Dancer. 4-y-o and over1 & res sup, E Vyse’s Sunbeam Super Lady; 2, P Holcombe’s Greenville Little Charm; 3, S Prescott’s White Owl Pisces. best Hackney pony bred by exhibitor /best conformation1, Sunbeam Super Lady. in-hand horses (C Haydon) y’ling colts1 & res, Mr & Mrs Stockton’s Halloughton Hero; 2, ch & res, E Ward’s Wentworth Glenhurst; 3, EP & A Hall’s Harvesthouse Epitome. fillies1, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Fancy Ribbons; 2, S Wormald’s Shadwell Lady Greensleeves; 3, P Scammel’s Brickell Millie. stallions 2-y-o1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Wenham jnr’s Forewood Braveheart; 2 , E Ward’s Wentworth Minstrel. 3-y-o1, J Sayers’ Perrybridge King of Diamonds. 4-y-o & over1 & sup, R Haffenden’s Roscourt Reality; 2 & res sup, J Sayers’ Heldon Jack of Diamonds; 3, J& Miss A Sparrowhawk’s Highmoor Little Jon. mares 2-y-o1, res & sup, E Ward’s Luddington Appolo; 2, J Chicken’s Stapleford Wasn’t Me. 3-y-o1, ch & res sup, A Allison’s Hamewith Megan. 4-y-o & over1, P Wyatt’s Babylon Mistress Mine; 2, B Murray’s Hamewith Holly; 3, EE Vyse’s Sunbeam Unbeatable. best horse bred by exhibitor/sup ch horse/ best conformation/sup ch animalch, Roscourt Reality; res, Sunbeam Minuet. harness ponies (P Burgess) nov not exc 12.2hh1, J Sayer’s Hurstwood Prince Consort; 2, N Dent’s Semley Sport; 3, L Pittaway & R Carter’s Hurstwood Comet. 12.2-14hh1 & ch, B Harrington’s Neneside Fantasia; 2 & res, J Wenham’s Westbourne Whizz Kidd; 3, S Hood’s Mendelson. open not exc 12.2hh1, J Chicken’s Stapleford Little Bonfire; 2, Mrs E and D Vyse’s Sunbeam Star Step. 12.2-14hh1, J Wenham’s Semley Sparrow; 2, B Bass’ Stapleford Black Jack; 3, E Vyse’s Sunbeam Legend. national ch harness pony1, Hurstwood Comet; 2, Stapleford Little Bonfire; 3, Mendelson. harness horse (J Loriston-Clarke) nov 14-15hh1, J Sayers’ Heldon Jack of Diamonds; 2, F Brown’s Avens Foxy Lady; 3, J Wenham’s Forewood Sir John. exc 15hh1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Walsh’s Marylind Executive; 2 & res, E Ward’s Wentworth Moonbeam; 3, F Wadhams’ Baldwins Aldaniti. open 14-15hh1, P Gray & W James’ Thorneyside Viscount; 2, Mr & Mrs Walsh’s Southsides Equalizer; 3, J Smale’s Elams Natalie. over 15hh1, M & Mrs Turner’s Brookeborough Flash Jack; 2, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 3, J and Miss A Sparrowhawk’s Highmoor Little Jon. national champion harness horse (A Grant)1, Drewsherne Corrall; 2, Wentworth Moonbeam; 3, Brookeborough Flash Jack. gig not exc14hh1 & ch, G MacDonald’s Woodside Ringleader; 2, M Holcombe’s Semley Sauvignon. exc 14hh1 & res, J Chapman’s Vienna Charm; 2 & res, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 3, M Kelly’s Stapleford Enchantment. amateur harness not exc 12.2hh1 & ch, E Vyse’s Sunbeam Touch of Class; 2, Hurstwood Comet; 3, Semley Sauvignon. 12.2-14hh1, Sunbeam Legend; 2, Stapleford Black Jack; 3, Mendelson. 14-15hh1, M Denness’ Borthwood Hot Gossip; 2, F Brown’s Avens Foxy Lady. exc 15hh1, Glenshane Prince; 2, Highmoor Little Jon ; 3, E Ward’s Wentworth Citation. ridden (C Haydon) Hackney/part bred1, S Gladwell’s Gaytons Lady Jane; 2, J Sparrowhawk’s Cavalier; 3, J Clayton’s Gaytons Prince Arthur. jnr whip 1, J Dudley; 2, F Brown; 3, J Taylor.

ROYAL CORNWALL Wadebridge, 5-7 June

HOYS Francis Clark Driving (B Blundell) 138cm 1 & res, M J & Mrs Edmonds’ Synod Guard; 2, J Thomas Carriage Horses’ Thorneyside The Foreman; 3, M Alford’s Cairngorm Starlight Sonny Boy. exc 138cm 1, J E Emery’s Calerux Boneddwr; 2, O Warren-Gibson’s Ocean Cascade; 3, R Folland’s Glasdale Topper. singles/pairs/tandems/Hackney-type 1 & ch, Osborne Refrigerators’ Tenderfield Black Shadow; 2, J Taylor’s Bennettes Castle Lexus; 3, S Jordan’s Semley Supreme. exhibitors resident in Cornwall 1 & 2, D C & Mrs Selby’s Brookfield Dark Secret & Poldue Dominic; 3, J T F Lemin’s Grants Tourchlight. light trade turnout 1, H M Noad & N J Baker’s Titan Summer Storm; 2, G Williamson’s Uphill Maerhog Ddu. jnr whip 1, B G & T A Ball’s Castellcoed Stevan; 2, M Vyse’s Glenshane Play Boy; 3, R Moris’ Flash. concours d’elegance (Coode) 1, D & Mrs Scott’s Osbourn Dollar; 2, J Thomas Carriage Horses’ Thorneyside The Foreman; 3, E Gill’s Sunbeam Fantasia.

NEWNHAM PARK Plymouth, Devon, 6-8 June

horse teams1, D Lane 178.9; 2, A Puddy 181.1; 3, G Woods 318.9. pony teams1, E Bennett 153.4; 2, J Pickford 154.8; 3, B Mellstrom 176.3. horse tandems1, F Pendlebury 143.5; 2, D Gulley 188.3; 3, I Parker 422. pony tandems1, A Clarke 161.5; 2, D Twitchen 169.5; 3, S Mayes 311.6. horse pairs1, J Attenborough 147.6; 2, T Selway 152.6; 3, W Bowman-Ripley 164.8. pony pairs1, G Frith 131.6; 2, J Rennison 134.7; 3, U Hirschberg 139.6. open horse1, C Gaynor 128.7; 2, D Hayes 131.5; J Sugden 138.8. open pony1, S Howe 127.7; 2, S Denny 134.3; 3, J Camm 134.5. nov pony1, S Simmons 155.6; 2, D Lucas 197.1.

SOUTH OF ENGLAND Ardingly, Sussex, 6 Jun

NSR. Communications Ltd Private Driving (G T Mitchell) non-Hackney single 138cm & under 1 & ch, J Manning’s Gunthwaite Tailrace; 2, D Howman’s Swffryd Izuan; 3, W Wybrew’s Tilston Cardinal. exc 138cm1, A Hannam’s Jetset High Flyer; 2, C Green’s Cwn Duad Chesse’s Last; 3, J Clough & GJ Schofield’s Gwynfaes Sion. non-Hackney multiples1, A Bolitho’s Zelah and Zante (G Docking); 2, The Queen’s Hillsborough and Windhoek (K Hutchinson). Hackney or Hackney-type1 & res, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 2, J Chapman’s Vienna Charm; 3, M Kelly’s Neneside Acojak. Bernard Weatherill Ltd’s Concours D’Elegance (L Bunn/S Bunn)1, Hillsborough and Windhoek.

BDS ANNUAL SHOW Smith’s Lawn, Windsor 22 June

Gail Crosier Novice Pony 13.2hh & under (G Stewart) 1, ch & res, N McGrail’s Pavadean Lotta Bottle (J Thomas); 2, M & V Francis’ Parc Vanessa; 3, L Forrester’s Sarum Jupiter. T Cribb & Sons Nov Horse over 13.2hh (M Salter) 1, B Potter’s Halloughton Hallmark (G Docking); 2, Mr & Mrs Edmonds’ ParktonUnique; 3, J Carnduff’s Purfleet High Society (D Baillie). non-Hackney type 12hh & under (A Sinclair) 1, ch & sup, R Bownes’ Ovington Hermes; 2, M Hussey’s Larapinta Red Kite. non-Hackney type 12-13.2hh (C Douglas) 1, W Alden’s Ilar Flyer (K Cromack); 2, J White’s Splash; 3, M Herriott’s Charlie Boy. T Cribb & Sons Non-Hackney Type 13.2-14.2hh (B Vine) 1 & res, C Green’s Cwnduad Chess’s Last; 2, S Older’s Ochorbryn Caradog; 3, Parkton Unique. 14.2-15hh (J Marson) 1& ch, A Hannam’s Jetset High Flyer; 2, A Taylor’s Jack-The-Lad; 3, J Emery’s Cwmtynant Sulwyn. over 15hh (S Adkins) 1, P Power’s Pantyfid Spring Fire; 2, C Benford’s Beeches April; 3, S Radcliffe’s Derwen Trainer. Hackney type (M Salter) 1 & res sup, R Chapman’s Vienna Charm; 2, Mr & Mrs Wray’s The Aristocrat (N Wray); 3, Smith Bros’ Garstons Lord George (E Smith). PWS Shetlands, singles, pairs & tandems (R Lanni) 1, V Hampton’s Lockinge Edward (A Hampton); 2, E Snowden’s Gometra Halyard & Elson Firebird; 3, V Hampton’s Makalan Mac. Brewin Dolphin Securities Mountain & Moorland 1, K Rudge’s Murthwaite Michael; 2, Lockinge Edward; 3, Makalan Mac. WPCS Welsh section A (C Douglas) 1, Ovington Hermes. sec B (A Sinclair) 1, N Blandin’s Wharley Pageboy; 2, J Manning’s Gunthwaite Tailrace; 3, W Wybrew’s Tilston Cardinal. sec C (S Adkins) 1, Pavadean Lotta Bottle; 2, D-M Howman’s Swiffyd Ieuan; 3, A Edward’ Merioneth Moeson. Victoria Foods Sec D Cobs 14.2hh & under (R Jacobs) 1 & res, B Jones’ Cefngelli Bouncer; 2, Parkton Unique; 3, S Older’s Ochorbryn Caradog. Victoria Foods Welsh Sec D Cobs over 14.2hh (R Roberts) 1 & ch, J Clough & G Schofield’s Gwynfaes Sion; 2, SRadcliffe’s Derwen Trainer; 3, Pantyfid Spring Fire. Sealmaster World & Rare Breeds (M Salter) 1 & res, M Kesans’ Tarlis & Bramble; 2, Sealmaster Fire, Draught & Weather Seals’ Thankyou Ovation & Waveney Cabaletta; 3, J Bulmer’s MonningtonOverture & Monnington Regent. Sealmaster Fire, Draught & Weather Seals’ Veteran Horse/Pony (A Sinclair) 1, Smith Bros’ Baldwins David Ho; 2, Lockinge Edward; 3, J Burns’ Pendock Batchelor Boy. PWS Country Vehicles/Governess/Tub Carts 13.2hh & under 1 & ch, L Swain’s Maesllwch Rosina; 2, Wharley Pageboy; 3, M Musson’s Wernderris Lydia. over 13.2hh 1, M Berrow’s Dalcrest Jessie; 2, G Allen’s Jethro; 3, E Gleissberg’s Llarnwnda Winston. Karel Doyle Pairs (J Marson) 1& res, J Hommers’ Trevarth Avocet & Trevarth Amigo; 2, A Bolitho’s Zelah & Zante;.3, M Kesans’ Tarlis & Bramble. PWS tandem 1 & ch, Thankyou Ovation & Waveney Cabaletta. 2, J Wischhusen’s Flora of Lochinver & Hayes Hill Blanche of Spain. Solutions Unlimited Multiples 1, E Snowden’s Gometra Halyard, Peanuts & Elson Firebird. Voice Products Jnr Whip 10-14 years (G Stewart) 1 & ch, A Pritchard; 2 & res, C Berry; 3, N Archer. 15-18 years 1, G Barry. Solutions Unlimited Lady Whip (B Vine) 1, C Sheerman; 2, S Atkinson; 3, H Keeble. gentleman whip 1, S Older; 2, P Power; 3, B Jones. Truckbusters Concours D’Elegance (A Jacobs) The Queen’s Hillsborough & Windhoek (K Hutchinson). Hackney pony under 14hh (C Haydon) 1, J Sayers’ Perrybridge Challenger (R Carter); 2 & res, Mrs R Bass’ Stapleford Black Jack (R Bass); 3, R Walker’s Marito. Hackney horse 14hh and over 1 & ch, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 2, E Ward’s Wentworth Moonbeam(B Ward); 3, Mr & Mrs B Turner’s Brookeborough Flash Jack. Carriagehouse Insurance Ride & Drive14.2hh & Under (S Adkins) 1 & res, A Staniland & P Richardson’s Pasadena Sovereign (A Staniland); 2, R Neale’s Ruckham Henry; 3, C Sheerman’s Navestock Marksman. S Warrender & Co’s Ride & Drive Over 14.2hh (G Stewart) 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Atkinson’s Neneside Sir James; 2, Jetset High Flyer; 3, Llanwnda Winston. Electrolux Two-Wheel Light Trade (R Roberts) 1, F Matthews’ Kendal Black Diamond; 2, J Boardman’s Prine Lammert; 3, M Stanley’s Mondswarth Mary Lady. Electrolux Four-Wheel Light Trade 1 & res, C Alexander’s Spot and Bumble; 2 & ch, Baldwins David Ho; 3, M Kelly’s Gristhills Gold Flame. CLA Charitable Trust Disabled Driver Wheelchair (J Claxton) 1, Kipling County RDA’s Raygill Gem II (M Hawkes); 2, Kipling County RDA’s Rupert (J Bonner); 3, Windsor & Ascot Driving Group’s Fred (P Driver). ambulant 1, J Bettell-Higgins’ Laverton Miss Moppet (L Allsopp); 2, J Bettell-Higgins’ Raygill Gem II (B Hawkes); 3, Stella Hancock RDA’s Fleur. nov whip (C Douglas) 1, J Gordon; 2, S Hillier; 3, S Manning. nov horse/pony (B Vine) 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Wootton’s Chocolate Chip; 2, S Manning’s Honeyfields Misty Gold; 3, H Pritchard’s Northleach Roulette. pleasure driving 13.2hh & under (R Jacobs) 1, E Foster’s Belchford Ragtime; 2, Honeyfields Misty Gold; 3, S Bullar’s Blue Cross Twinkle. over 13.2hh 1, K Harvey’s Just My Ted; 2, S Hillier’s Mr Darcey; 3, D Beddows’ Rosebarr Jodie. PWS Donkey/Mule (J Claxton) 1, D Capps’ Jeeves & Peppercorn Mr Coppefield; 2, P Clark’s Barley; 3, K Hamilton’s Circle C Copywright.

ROYAL HIGHLAND Ingliston, 19-22 June

Hackney horse/pony 1 & ch, G Macdonald’s Woodside Ringleader. 2, N McCaffer’s Roscourt Little John. other than single harness 1, A Lanni’s Kensons Brahmin & Drumpark President. singles 1, A Hambly’s Sgwdyreira Tywysog; 2, C Harper Gow’s Apollo Pip. Highland pony 1 & res, A Steven’s Sophie of Strathmiglo.

FARLEIGH HOUSE Basingstoke, 20-22 June

nov pony 1, S Simmons 158.50; 2, M Purves 172.60; 3, S Braxton 189.70. nov horse 1, A Lord 155.30. open pony 1, S Denny 135.30; 2, S Corlett 139.90; 3, H Kinner 147.20. open horse 1, D Hayes 140; 2, J Sugden 148;60; 3, P Sidwell 156. pony pairs 1, A Stroud 140.10; 2, G Power 169.10; 3, J Hoskyns 170.20. horse pairs 1, T Selway 157.70; 2, W Bowman-Ripley 168; 3, J Hartland 170.90. pony tandems 1, D Twitchen 160.80; 2, A Clarke 178.30; 3, S Mayes 215.60. pony teams 1, B Mellstrom 170.10; 2, HRH Duke of Edinburgh 188.80; 3, J Liles 210.10. horse teams 1, D Lane 179.60; 2, A Puddy 201.10; 3, P Bassett 275.50.


first round 122cm and under 1, Topaz and Cally (S Mawer); 2, S Aldridge’s Equilibra’s Lady and The Tramp (G Roberts); 3, Blue and Chip (J Bean). over 122cm 1 Piglet and Roo (J Millman); 2, Touchwood and Whistle (S Mawer); 3, Z Allen’s Footloose and Fancy Free (G Roberts). finals 1, Equilibra’s Lady and the Tramp; 2,Topaz and Cally; 3, Stand and Deliver (J Allen).


nov pony 1, F Powell 159.50; 2, S Braxton 189.90; 3, S Byrne 202.60. nov horse 1, J Keeler 181.60; 2, P Hart 263;70;3, J Marshall 367.50. open pony 1, S Denny 144.10; 2, L Rowe 144.50; 3, S Howe 148.30. open horse 1, D Matthews jnr 125.20; 2, K Hayes 128.30; 3, J Robson 139.10. pony pairs 1, J Rennison 145.80; 2, U Hirschberg 149.50; 3, G Frith 153.50. horse pairs 1, J Attenborough 174.40; 2, W Bowman-Ripley 182.70; 3, P Morris 182.80. pony tandems 1, A Clarke 174.40; 2, D Twitchen 188.30; 3, Lady Romsey 205.50.horse tandems 1, F Pendlebury 166.10; 2, K Read 186.80; 3, P Cooper 256.60. pony teams 1, E Bennett 163.50; 2, J Pickford 177.20; 3, A Grayston 192.80. horse teams 1, D Lane 174.20; 2, A Puddy 186.60; 3 G Bowman 217.40

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