Drivers Dream, 16 September

  • DRIVERS DREAM Keysoe, Bedfordshire, 16 September

    exercise vehicles 13.2hh & under (N Salter) 1, A Howe & A Bank’s Murthwaite Perky (A Howe); 2, K Aburrow’s Cappela; 3, H Seymour’s Skelghyll Joseph. exercise vehicles over 13.2hh 1, T Howard’s Spider; 2, C Moreau’s Rayner (K Moreau); 3, J Standen’s Glynceirog Llywelyn. young drivers 1, Cappela; 2, Rayner; 3, J-L Weaver’s Jack Lightening Lad. light trade 1 & res, T Burgess’s Cranfield Park Dark Defender. private driving 1 & ch, M Fox’s Bureside Sunset; 2, Skelghyll Joseph. concour d’elegance (S Wynn) 1, Cranfield Park Dark Defender; 2, Bureside Sunset; 3, Spider. style and performance traditional turnout (N Salter & G Marks) ch, E Mills’s Galtres Raffles; res, S Walrond’s Murvey Dunhill. style and performance non-traditional turnout ch, Cappela; res, Murthwaite Perky (A Banks). BDS Trec National final (S Reeder) 1, Glynceirog Llywelyn; 2, E Thompson’s Cortaflex Benny; 3, Spider.

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