Dogs rescued from slurry pit

  • The RSPCA has issued a warning to farmers after two dogs are rescued from a slurry pit

    The RSPCA in Wales is warning farmers to be careful after two dogs had to be rescued from a 9ft slurry pit in Carmarthenshire.

    A woman who had spotted two Collie-type dogs trapped in a slurry pit called RSPCA inspector Rohan Barker and animal collection officer Jonathan Jones.

    She assumed that they were her neighbour’s dogs as they had been missing for a number of days.

    Jonathan Jones used the farmer’s tractor and forklift to hover above the pit so that he could use a special pole to reach down and drag the dogs to safety.

    Both dogs were unharmed and, after being hosed down, they were returned to their owner,

    Inspector Rohan Barker said that the pair were lucky to be alive: “The animals must have been stuck in the pit for a number of days.”

    “The farmer who owns them had looked everywhere, but had been unable to find them. Thankfully, one of his neighbours spotted the dogs and they were saved just in time.

    “I would like to thank the farmers involved for all their co-operation and help.”

    The slurry pit had a good solid fence around it, but it appears that both dogs managed to squeeze through a small hole in the fence.

    According to experts, slurry pits pose a serious dangerous to both humans and animals, as it has the same effect as quicksand and can suck a stranded person or animal down in minutes.

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