Dog’s ears insured for record sum

  • A Basset Hound called Mr Jefferies has secured a Guinness World Record for the longest ears with ears that measure an incredible 12 1.2ins.

    With many Hollywood stars insuring their assets, Mr Jefferies’ owner has followed suit and insured his pet’s ears for £30,000.

    It is believed the Bassett’s ears were inheritated from his father Biggles, whose ears measured 13ins.

    Owner Phillip Jefferies, who runs a mobile dog washing service in Brighton told The Times:

    “As soon as I realised his ears were so big I decided to get them insured. Famous film stars have certain parts of their bodies insured, like their bum or their legs, so it’s a must for Mr Jefferies.”

    His ears need regular cleaning as he often spills food down them, but they do have their uses – when Mr Jefferies goes to sleep he uses them to cover his eyes.

    Phillip now hopes that the Basset Hound will prove a hit in USA, where he hopes Mr Jefferies will crack the dog modelling market.

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