Dog owner jailed for cruel attack

  • A Derbyshire man has been jailed for injuring his Jack Russell so badly it had to be put down

    The man responsible for savagely beating his own pet dog to the extent it had be destroyed has been sentenced to two months in prison and banned from keeping pets for life.

    Unemployed Lee Pollard, 25, from Sandiacre in Derby pleaded guilty to ill-treating the dog on 29 January this year.

    Pollard admitted hitting the dog three times on the nose after it urinated on him while he was carrying it downstairs. He then claimed the dog bit him so he kicked as it left the kitchen through the cat flap.

    However, in a prosecution put forward by the RSPCA, Ilkeston Magistrate’s court heard how the Jack Russell called Jake, suffered such severe internal and external injuries he had to be put down.

    The court also heard how Pollard’s girlfriend heard Lee shout at Jake, and thenheard the dog yelping.

    Jake was left cowering outside in a toilet until Pollard’s girlfriend’s father insisted the dog see a vet.

    Vet Doreen Ford examined Jake some seven hours after the attack and found he was suffering from a detached bladder, internal bleeding and terrible injuries around his genitals.

    Ms Ford told the court that: “The kick would have been delivered with the maximum force an adult could muster through the end of a boot or shoe.”

    She also went on to say that the dog had suffered the most severe and unnecessary suffering she had ever encountered in her career.

    Magistrate Patricia Gascoigne told Pollard: “This was a severe assault which resulted in it having to be put down.”

    “The injuries it received were so severe that immediate treatment was obviously necessary and it was only through a third party that help was sought.”

    Investigating officer for the RSPCA Chris Gee said: “We are satisfied with this sentence and disqualification order. We believe anyone who mistreats an animal should not be allowed to own one.”

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