Dog found abandoned in Welsh wood

  • A dog living wild in woodland for three months has finally been caught by the RSPCA

    The RSPCA has succeeded in catching a stray dog that had been living wild for several months inClyne Woods in Sketty, near Swansea in Wales.

    Animal collection officer Keith Hogben was contacted by local residents in May after they spotted a distressed dog roaming the area.

    He spent the past few months trying to locate the dogin without success.

    After setting a dog trap Mr Hogben finally managed to catch the retriever bitch.

    “It was totally impossible to get anywhere near the dog, as soon as I got within 20 yards of her she would run off into thewoods again,” he said.

    “We were quite concerned for her welfare, as several local residents had reported that she was looking thin and distressed, but I already she is looking better considering her ordeal over the past few months.”

    The RSPCA have no idea how the dog came to live in the woods, but believe she may have been dumped.

    Keith said: “There is no other explanation other than she was abandoned in the woods by her owner.

    “That is totally irresponsible behaviour and I would urge anyone with any information about this to contact the RSPCA immediately on 08705 555999″

    The dog named Faith by staff at Llys Nini animal centre in Penllergaer, Swansea and has been found a new home.

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