Devon & Somerset Staghounds P-to-P

    Holnicote, Saturday, 6 May (Firm)

    1255. Hunt Members, 12st5lb

    1 Maxou des Brosses (FR) (Roi de Rome (USA)) (Keith Cumings) R Bliss
    2 Southwestern (IRE) (Jeremy Scott), fav N Harris
    3 S B S By Jove (Linda Blackford) C Wallis

    Also: Polka (4), Euro Bob (IRE) (5), Lyric Maestro (ur), Polar Fair (pu), 7a. 7 ran. 7l, 15l, 5l, 1/2l. 6min 26.0s. SP: 7-2. (Devon & Somerset Staghounds).

    1256. Intermediate, 12st

    1 Zesta Fiesta (El Conquistador) (Andrew Finch) D Edwards
    2 Jolly Jake (Emma Baker) E Walker
    3 Force Twelve (IRE) (Ali Tory) N Wilmington

    Also: Brides Legacy (pu), v, El Nombre (pu), fav, No Waiting (pu), 7a. 6 ran. 15l, 2l. 6min 29.0s. SP: 6-1. (Tiverton Foxhounds).

    1257. Panacur/TBA PPORA Club Members Mares Maiden, 11st7lb

    1 Whats Up Maid (Emperor Fountain) (Jo Sleep) M Munrowd
    2 Bank On Lady (Marcella Bayliss), fav D Mansell
    3 Acquired (IRE) (Gordon Herrod) C Dailly

    Also: Perfect Gem (4), 7a, Fearless Daisy (5), Double Pops (6), Poolmoor Comet (7), Days of Gold (pu), Greenends Blodwyn (pu), Lady Pollystickle (pu), Shaabs Quest (pu), 7a. 11 ran. 10l, 15l, 4l, 2l, 15l, 20l. 6min 32.0s. SP: 9-2. (Lamerton).

    1258. Confined, 12st5lb

    1 Cool Wager (Arctic Lord) (Hilary Pudd), fav D Alers-Hankey
    2 Maximus (IRE) (James Young) B Wright
    3 Ellofamonkey (Alan Walter), 7a M Milne

    Also: Caundle Chase (4). 4 ran. 10l, 12l, 7l. 6min 22.0s. SP: 4-7. (West Somerset (Minehead)).

    1259. Restricted, 12st

    1 Hawkridge (Karinga Bay) (Charlotte Budd), fav N Harris
    2 Justthetwoofus (IRE) (Richard Barber) Miss R Green
    3 Cruisewell (Caroline Keevil) Miss V Heal

    Also: Nice Approach (IRE) (4), Slippery Friend (IRE) (5), Emerald Mist (IRE) (6), 7a, Fordham Glory (7), Catnap (IRE) (8), v, Bossy Missy (pu), 7a. 9 ran. 31/2l, 6l, 8l, 11/4l, 20l, 12l, 15l. 6min 26.0s. SP: EVENS. (Quantock Staghounds).

    1260. Mixed Open, 12st

    1 Canada (Ezzoud (IRE)) (Sally Rowe), fav R Ross
    2 Sammy Samba (John Dufosee) R Bliss
    3 Mister Swallow (Richard Miller) M Miller

    . 3 ran. 4l, runin. 6min 25.0s. SP: 10-11. (Eggesford).

    1261. Open Maiden (Div 1) 567&8yo, 12st

    1 Paserella (IRE) (Persian Mews) (Marcella Bayliss), fav D Renney
    2 High Rocker (Lisa Smale), bl I Popham
    3 Quantocks Lastbrat (Georgina Langley) D I Turner

    . 3 ran. 13/4l, 2fncs. 6min 34.0s. SP: 8-11. (Heythrop).

    1262. Open Maiden (Div 2) 567&8yo, 12st

    1 Apollo Blaze (IRE) (Lord of Appeal) (Pat Shaw), 7a Miss V Shaw
    2 Heritage Castle (James Young), fav J Young
    3 Height of Mendip (Caroline Keevil), 7a D Alers-Hankey

    Also: Captain Kelway (4), Push On Dopey (pu), 7a. 5 ran. 10l, 21/2l, 11/4fncs. 6min 36.0s. SP: 7-2. (Dartmoor).

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