Derbyshire County Show 27 June ’04

  • DERBYSHIRE COUNTY Elvaston, Derby, 27 June

    local riders: 8-y-o & under 1 & res, J Trafford; 2, R Burns; 3, H Burns. do 9-14-y-o 1 & ch, K Jackson; 2, L Hill; 3, E Bailey. do 15-y-o & over 1, D Ashworth; 2, D Garner; 3, J Peach. ladies hunter 1, K Bloom’s Lord Theodore; 2, C O’Connor’s Di Vinci; 3, C Booth’s Amazing Grace. side saddle: equitation adults 1, ch & Q for Sir Lancelot Memorial Trophy, F Maycock’s Master Bounce Esq; 2, E Brown’s Vintage Port; 3, J Peach’s Brookfield Midnight Star. do juniors 1, E Gostelow’s Lindridge Black Ember. best horse/pony 1 & res, CJ Towles Nicholson’s Limestone Kitty; 2, C Swarbrick’s Gentleman Jim; 3, C Wright’s Elliott II. concours d’elegance 1, Master Bounce Esq; 2, Limestone Kitty. RC horse/pony 1, Vintage Port; 2, Brookfield Midnight Star; 3, Gentleman Jim. nov hunter 1, K Bloom’s Classic Collection; 2, K Shepherd’s Timepiece; 3, J Wilosn’s Bonbay Blue. hack: sml 1 & ch, A Jackson’s Stanley Grange Royal March; 2, A Emanuel’s Angelina Ballerina. lge 1 & res, RJ Williams’s Kellys Blue Serenade. cob: l’wt 1 & ch, J Hall-Hemming’s Callisto; 2 & res, S Gibbs’s Parys White Mischeif; 3, L Stutter’s Phoenix Park. RH: sml 1 & ch, J Gilbertson’s Ben ‘G’; 2, J Sheerstone’s Burglar Bill; 3, A Witcomb & LE Fielding’s Milbridge Flashman. lge 1 & res, A Witcomb’s Redine Fennel; 2, J Smith’s Copper Mill; 3, S Marshall’s Las Vegas. BSPS int SHT 1, L Wilde’s Dun Dusted. mixed height nov SHP 1, L Minchin’s Yealand Vain Glory; 2, D Rayner’s Thamesbourne Festivity; 3, J Hornbuckle’s Midnight Masquerade. LR of HT 1 & ch, H Barton’s Mountain Gwennol. FR of SHT 1, M Huddon’s Backwater Simply Magic; 2 & res, J Ashdown’s Binbury Pinnochio; 3, Mountain Gwennol. BSPS SHP 153cm 1, SA Garner’s Mundon Sandstorm; 2, L Mitchell’s Dalcotes Purdey; 3, D Patchitt’s Shadys Domain. do 143cm 1, L Minchin’s Atlantic Breeze; 2, L Jackson’s West Holme Superstition. do 133cm 1, J Dawson-Payne’s Cedar Farm Divine; 2, K Fowler’s Bankswood Black Pepper. do 122cm 1 & ch, S Brook-Shanahan’s Wyngate Giovanni; 2, A Prince’s Billy Whizz III; 3, Binbury Pinnochio. BSPS LR 1 & ch, A Prince’s Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 2, K Beaumont’s Fofsway Black Prince; 3, Backwater Simply Magic. FR 1 & res, Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 2, Backwater Simply Magic; 3, Rillaton Right Royal. BSPS nov SP 148cm 1, L Mitchell’s Strinesdale Ovation; 2, L Minchin’s Strinesdale Scenario; 3, C Karim’s Strychlands Drummer Boy. BSPS int SRT 158cm 1, C Bearder’s Longriver Black Orchid; 2, J Sheerstone’s Burglar Bill; 3, L Minchin’s Courtland Blue Peter. BSPS SP 128cm 1 & ch, I Brunt & G Brown’s Star Jewel II. do 138cm 1, D Lacey’s Fofsway Optimist; 2, T Morris’s Roydons Wait ‘N’ See; 3, PG Howarth’s Janinos Crown Jewel. do 148cm 1 & res, L Minchin’s Fenwood Enchantment; 2, Longriver Black Orchid; 3, L Johnson’s Trellech Countryman. Heritage open ridden M&M: Dartmoor/Exmoor/ Shetland/Welsh sec A 1, Countess Of Shewsbury’s Chetwynd Caspar; 2, J Norbury’s Sebastien’s Supreme. do sec B & C 1, L Ennett’s Cefn Mumble; 2, A Staniland’s Pasadewa Sovereign 3, G Booth’s Chaceley Rufus. do Fell/Highland/Dale/New Forest/Connemara/sec D 1, A Oaks’s Fanny; 2, A Wilson’s Cwmtawe Selwyn; 3, L Willis’s Kerbeck Diamond Fire. do LR 1 & res, C Fuller’s Shacklebridge Street Serenade; 2, Mountain Gwennol; 3, I Coe’s Bradeney Rhion. do FR 1 & ch, Chetwynd Caspar; 2, AJ Beard’s Roseisle Holy Joe; 3, Mountain Gwennol. NPS Micor Demolition Ltd M&M LR nat ch Q 1 & ch, Shacklebridge Street Serenade; 2 & res, C Scott’s Denella Brabazon; 3, J Robinson’s Ravenshead Crackerjack. do FR 1, L Tolley’s Gunthwaite Autumn Mist; 2, Roseisle Holy Joe; 3, L Peach’s Loveden Sea Witch. M&M in-hand: mare/gelding exc Welsh 1, L Jones’s Celtic Moy; 2, JD Moore’s Killington Heather; 3, S Hardy’s Calnestone Charlie Girl. do colt/stallion 1 & ch, J Crane’s Sleddale Jeffrey; 2 & res, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight; 3, J Crane’s Rackwood Bobin. palomino: colt/stallion 1, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star. filly/mare/gelding 1, L Pugh’s Colebridge Stargold; 2, S Cousins’s Krysto Easter Surprise; 3, Q Jones’s Louraise Shanay. filly/gelding y’ling/2/3-y-o 1, ch & best y’ling, R Jones’s Louraise Golden Princess; 2 & res, S Cousins’s Krysto Golden Honey; 3, PA Thornhill’s Zyda Dancing Chardonnay. miniature horse y’ling 1, J Robinson’s NCF Monarchs To Die For; 2, unlisted; 3, R Walker’s Aesthet Trojan. do 2/3-y-o 1, J Sinagola & N Kilbride’s Czars Grand Fortune; 2, J Robinson’s Scott Creek Monarch Mocha; 3, J Hunt’s Toyhorse Count Dakota. do 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, J Robinson’s Del Teras Dellas Joe Berry; 2 & res, J Robinson’s Cascades Magic Charm; 3, J Parker’s Micatos Breezer. Shetland mare 1 & ch, MG Arden’s Claylands Crystal; 2, E Thackray’s Poetry Of St Ninian; 3, K Parker’s Top Rock My Diana. do foal 1, B Twining’s Pinglewood Spinning Top; 2, K Parker’s Barncroft Peter Pan. do y’ling 1, MG Arden’s Claylands Princess Isla; 2, H Gilligan’s Top Rock Kathie; 3, CL Davies’s Top Rock Matthew. 2/3-y-o 1 & jnr ch, S Gilligan’s Foldhouse Sugarandspice; 2, DJ Smith’s Longfield Meg; 3, CL Davies’s Top Rock Jolie. do open coloured 1, Claylands Crystal; 2, B Twining’s Pinglewood Puzzle; 3, D Wright’s Top Rock Shellie. open miniature 1 & res, Pinglewood Puzzle; 2, Top Rock Shellie; 3, JM Aspley’s Longfield Hetty. sec A stallion 1, ME Wilson’s Weston Jiwpiter; 2, TK Berrington’s Cricceith Marchog; 3, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star. do y’ling 1, G Heppenstall’s Blackhill Flo; 2, J Goodhead’s Sprinoak Daniel; 3, HB Vernon’s Westfirle Miss Goldfinches. do 2/3-y-o 1, J Crooks’s Tillybo Tallulah; 2, T Topliss’s Forlan Caradog; 3, KA Bailey’s Llafar Llantanya. do brood mare 1 & res, JM Allen’s Forlan Tia Maria; 2, M Whittington’s Lippens Honeypot; 3, N & J Hill’s Brynpac Camelia. do foal 1, N & J Hill’s Brynpac Columbine; 2, M Whittington’s Papplewick Lily May; 3, JM Allen’s Larapinta Torea. do barren mare/gelding 1, ch, sup Welsh & Whiteside & Knowles’ North Of England in-hand ch Q, K James’s Tallares Lucy Lace; 2, Mr & Mrs DR Cotton’s Blanche Maralyn; 3, K James’s Tallares Ballerina. sec B stallion 1, AL Lakin’s Kiltinane Sparkle; 2, AR Justice’s Rosedale Cherokee. do y’ling 1, K Rawls’s Priestwood Domingo; 2, Mr & Mrs JE Parry-Jones’s Bronllwyn Purple Star; 3, S Sheard’s Grayfields River Dance. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Roberts & Rice-Taggart’s Wian Uptown Girl; 2, P Taylor’s Waywing Roseman; 3, AR Smith’s Desabre Cossack. do brood mare 1, M Mansfield’s Ernford Cerys. do foal 1, M Mansfield’s Fidan foal. do barren mare/gelding 1 & res, E Meakin’s Larklands Goldilocks; 2, K Taylor’s Fingerpost Ragtime; 3, P Hings’s Clarwill State Secret. sec C y’ling 1, A Denney’s Tyreos William. do 2/3-y-o 1, A Owen’s Minafon Cens. do brood mare 1 & res, G Heppenstall’s Glynwyn April Dawn; 2, C & J Costello’s Synod Rohanna. do foal 1, G Heppenstall’s Glynwyn foal; 2, C & J Costello’s Bluehaven Rocket Ron. do barren mare/gelding 1 & ch, C & J Costello’s Rosetta Hywela; 2, K Spencer’s Ruckham Kittiwake; 3, E Mather’s Blaewgaen Peggy Sue. sec D stallion 1 & res, A Denney’s Bwlchllan Royal Warrior; 2, D Heath’s Ebbw Magic. do y’ling 1, P Travers’s Taiforgan Ffefryn; 2, Bessalone Welsh Cobs’s Bessalone Elegant Lady. do 2/3-y-o 1, ML Forrester’s Kallistalodge Benjamin. do barren mare/gelding 1, ch & res sup Welsh, N Smith’s Trevallion Princess Pandora; 2, G Hatton’s Budore Rose Of Tralee; 3, J Marshall’s Eisteddfod Megan. BSPS WHP Tiny Tots 1, A Prince’s Brookland Nicholas Nickleby; 2, K Tomlinson’s Chetwynd Catrin. CS 1 & ch, D Brown’s Guinness Pure Genius; 2 & res, S Nicklin’s Ponsbury Pirate; 3, J Woodhead’s Corn Poppy. NS 1, L Boulton’s The Wizzard; 2, Corn Poppy; 3, DA Thorpe’s Cigeons Showgirl. BSPS WHP 133cm 1, C Horsley’s Lowfold Quidsin; 2, G Brobyn’s Alandale Royal Blue. do 143cm 1 & res, JW Bailey’s Fair Daniel; 2, S Nicklin’s Glengoogle Boy; 3, SK Lander’s Wolferlow Montana. do 153cm 1 & ch, SA Taylor’s Jungle Jim; 2, D Meehan’s Ballinrobe Boy. BSPS int WH 1, V Tennant’s My Whinnie Way. BSPS Heritage M&M open WHP exc 138cm 1, M Wharmby’s Lisdearg Boy; 2, JW Bailey’s Lockdale Jasmin; 3, Cwmtawe Selwyn. do 138cm 1 & res, RE Gratton’s Ryanwyn; 2, N Hutsby’s Gerdinen Pollyanna; 3, K Fowler’s Georgian Dictator. do 122cm 1 & ch, CA Preece’s Smoketree Ceaser; 2, A Staniland’s Windle Way First Class; 3, J Woodhead’s Roseisle Lewis. do NS 1, D Rayner’s Tamborough Red Dragon; 2, Smoketree Ceaser. BSPS nov WHP 133cm 1, A Dear’s Pennygate Billy Button; 2, DA Thorpe’s Cigeons Showgirl; 3, Gerdinien Pollyanna. do 143cm 1 & ch, Glengoogle Boy; 2, Lockdale Jasmin; 3, S Ward’s Bureside Harvest Moon. do 153cm 1 & res, SK Lander’s Kilkenny Sandman; 2, K Wilson’s Quintessence; 3, Shadys Domain. Irish Draught performance 1, Mr & Mrs B Gates’s Monnybrook Amanda; 2, R Owen’s Killawall Clover; 3, HI Stanton’s Knowle Hill Bay Bee. nov working cob 1, E Howe’s Coalminer; 2, L Garner’s George Of The Jungle. WH 1, R & L Bell’s Cruise Control; 2, J Callwood’s Interparty Diamond; 3, J Snedker’s Kilowen Rocket. nov WH 1, R & L Bell’s Reloaded; 2, Mr & Mrs J Codd’s Secret Attraction; 3, J Snedker’s Samor. riding pony breeding brood mare 1 & res, J Fox’s Ben Neagh Miss Primince. y’ling 1, J Fox’s Ben Neagh Splendid Fox; 2, J Hall’s Rowanberry Top Marks. 2/3-y-o 1, ch & Royal Lancashire Red Rose in-hand ch Q, J Pickering’s Kouros Pasmina; 2, J Andrew’s Wynmere Sir Harry; 3, PM Mather’s Pickmere Sirocco. hunter pony breeding y’ling 1, CA Constable’s Clareb Special Edition; 2, JP Evans’s Evansdale Esq; 3, A Blackshaw’s Wurligig. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, S Hall’s Queensdale Christmas Cracker; 2, V Radcliffe’s Kerandi First Gold. hunter breeding stock brood mare 1, C Baker’s Mexicali Rose. foal 1, C Baker’s Woodbeck Snowstorm. y’ling 1 & ch, W Grieveson & T Southern’s Bright Trilogy; EJ Cayless’s Nephen Hill. 2-y-o 1, A Drabble’s Lowmoor Last Chance; 2, H Peachey’s No Folloing; 3, JR Needham’s Molly Brown. 3-y-o 1 & ch, KJ Moore’s Ducal Royal Emblem; 2, K Summers’s Kingsclough Milligan’s Rose. Irish Draught y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs J Meer’s Balinmore Charmed Hero. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, K Summers’s Kingsclough Milligan’s Rose; 2, MJ Marshall’s Toux Maybe; 3, S Hall’s Dosley Hopes Are High. Irish Draught sport horse 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Lowmoor Last Chance. ridden Irish Draught 1 & ch, A Tue-O’Connell’s Styall’s Rose Of Tralee; 2, N Smart’s Solo Performer; 3, Mr & Mrs B Gates’s Monnybrook Amanda. ridden Irish Draught sport horse 1 & res, A Witcomb’s Brightwell’s Fortune; 2, T Milner’s Landowns The Rock; 3, J Needham’s Fahavene Arctic Boy. pure bred Arab in-hand 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs G Woolley’s Magneeto; 2, Mr & Mrs T Childs’s Samari; 3, B Smith’s Lithium Fiarano Black. anglo/part bred arab in-hand 1, Ben Neagh Miss Primince; 2, L Martin’s Sharpley Evangeline; 3, J Phillips’s Taboo. pure bred arab y’ling/2/3-y-o 1 & res, W Dean’s De Reema; 2 & best y’ling, L Dean’s Ahsan. anglo/part bred arab y’ling/2/3-y-o 1, Ben Neagh Splendid Fox; 2 & best y’ling, Clareb Special Edition. ridden pure bred arab 1 & ch, J Perry’s Phoenix Samurai; 2, DG & SE Edwards’s Nasramul; 3, S Gibbins’s Kerima Bay. ridden anglo/part bred arab 1 & res, M Charlton-Mockett’s Shadinsky; 2, A Witcomb & LE Fielding’s Milbridge Flashman; 3, L Taylor’s Effortless. skewbald/piebald in-hand 1, JL Alsop’s Chorleys Anastasia; 2, CA Dowzell’s Millenium Legacy; 3, JM Mason’s Jokas Wild. do traditional/native 1 & res, M Fairburn’s Maggies Pride; 2, W Moore’s Blue Shadow; 3, S Lowe’s Blue Diamond Lady. do ‘colourama’ best colour/markings 1, S Lowe’s Hot Spot; 2, M Jeffrey’s Dextys Vice; 3, A Hall’s El Nino. ridden skewbald/piebald 1 & ch, A Prince’s Billy Whizz III; 2, S Nightingale’s Who’s Design; 3, SJ Forrester’s Marley. Coloured Horse & Pony Society (UK) y’stck 1, Chorleys Anastasia; 2, D Stewton’s Wixstone Akina; 3, M Jeffrey’s Cappelo Lheema. do in-hand non-native horse 1, El Nino; 2, Millenium Legacy; 3, Jokas Wild. do pony 1, R Slinn’s Jenny’s Jigsaw; 2, L Sanderson’s Indian Spirit; 3, J Thompson’s Hollyland Goldcrest. do native type horse 1, Blue Shadow; 2, S Lowe’s Blue Diamond Lady; 3, T Johal’s Thomas. do pony 1, Pinglewood Puzzle; 2, P Woodward’s Mary-Ann; 3, T Johal’s Benny. do native/cob/traditional ridden horse 1, J Freer’s Hemingway; 2, H Stead’s Mono Print; 3, C Gee’s The Deanster. do pony 1, Mary-Ann; 2, E Cutler’s Little Bear. non-native ridden horse 1 & ch, S Lowe’s Rhapsody In Blue; 2, El Nino; 3, R Salt’s Mistaken Identity. do pony 1 & res, R Slinn’s Jenny’s Jigsaw; 2, A Finney’s Watercolour I; 3, Indian Spirit. pre-veteran horse 15-19-y-o in-hand/ridden 1, K Shepherd’s Timber Merchant; 2 & res, A James’s Maestoso Valdamoro I; 3, S Comer’s Dickens II. do pony 1, AJ Beard’s Roseisle Holy Joe; 2, D Pool’s Deytheur Rhodri; 3, J Long’s Mr Badger. veteran horse 20-29-y-o in-hand/ridden 1 & ch, L Jones’s Regalia; 2, Watercolour I; 3, S-A Moore’s Ginberry. do pony 1, C Goodall’s Tio Pepe II; 2, A Yates’s Indian Prince; 3, L Peach’s Mactavish. golden veteran 30-y-o & over 1, NE Oldershaw’s Middlebeck Mercia; 2, S Woollands’s Sandcrofts Tommy; 3, H Cox’s Woody. nov 15-y-o & over 1, J Ford’s How Select; 2, Deytheur Rhodri. ridden hunter sml 1, Mrs Cook’s Colorado; 2, D Christie’s Anthem II; 3, M Aram’s Inspector Morse. do l’wt 1 & ch, AJ Roberts’s Mountain Spring; 2, A Witcomb Brightwells Fortune; 3, A Hunt’s Legbourne Ryan. do m’wt 1, KJ Moore’s Eros; 2, K Knight’s Klkarney Beau; 3, S Camm’s Charlie. do h’wt 1 & res, R Holton’s Brown Montana; 2, K Sansom’s Rhosco Rascal; 3, D Plant’s Ballyell Diesel Express.

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