Deaf terrier needs new home

  • Buster, a deaf Parson Jack Russell terrier has been taught sign language to help him find a home

    Buster, a long-term resident at the Blue Cross adoption centre in Kimpton Bottom, Herts, is still up for adoption.

    The two-year-old Parson Jack Russell terrier has been deaf since birth and so far has had at least four different homes.

    Rehoming a deaf dog is not as easy, but staff at the centre have taughtBuster basic visual commands.

    Terriers are naturally independent and unlike collies that constantly look at their handler, they tend to go off on their own.

    Buster’s deafness means he can’t hear a re-call command, but staff areconfident that with more time and training he can be taught to come back.

    Stacey Grabeki, an animal welfare assistant who has looked after Buster since his arrival nearly a year ago, says: “A kennel environment doesn’t suit Buster. He would be much better suited in a home, where they could devote time to his training.”

    “The ideal situation for Buster would be a home with another obedient dog. This would encourage Buster to follow the other dog when it was called back. He also needs a home without cats or children; preferably with an owner who has a lot of spare time.”

    Stacey is keen to point out that experience of owning a deaf dog is not required although a prospective owner with deaf-dog experience would be a bonus. The centre is willing to provide prospective “parents” with training and advice, as well as support.

    Buster is wary on meeting new people, but once he learns to trust them he is an affectionate and loving dog.

    If you think you could offer Buster a home then please contact the Blue Cross Centre at Kimpton Bottom (tel: 01438 832232) or visit www.thebluecross.org.uk

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