Crufts champion’s pups found

  • Two puppies stolen from an international show judge and world-renowned breeder have been found after police raided two addresses in Merseyside.

    Sandy Platt, 46, was completely devastated by their loss and is overjoyed to have them back.

    “When I realised they had gone I was so shocked I couldn’t even cry – I felt like someone had poured cold water over me. I am well-known for my black coated dogs but these puppies would only have had potential to breed enthusiasts as their breeding would have been irrelevant without Kennel Club paperwork.”

    Thetwo 11-week-old pups are by the Crufts champion Charbonnel Warlord who is renowned for producing completely black dogs and each have a potential worth of around £10,000.

    The pair, a bitch called Cilla (pictured top) and a dog called Ozzie (pictured right), were found after a tip-off from a member of the public. Police searched two homes last night (15 May) in the Netherton and Crosby areas and found the missing pups.

    Five people have been arrested in connection with the puppies’disappearance and were questioned yesterday.

    Sandy had last seen the pups on Saturday evening (10 May). When she went to the kennels at 6.45am the following morning she found a golden pup wandering loose and the padlock to the black puppies kennel had been smashed off. There was no sign of the pair.

    A police spokesperson said the two pups were both safe and well had been returned to their grateful owner.

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