Cotswold team chasing results, 28 October 2012

  • Novice (bogey time).— 1, More Barmy Bevans (H Bevan, B Bevan, A Bevan, C Bevan); 2, Cotswold Vale Clip Cloppers (K Tudge, E Guilder, J Drinkwater); 3, Whipping in the Girls (G Brazington, E Bliss, H Osbourne, J Weedon); 4, The Barbury Babes; 5, Angry Dragons; 6, Kings of Rock. intermediate.— 1, Art Hotel Racers (G Wright, S Myhill, E Beresford, C Davey) 5.01; 2, Boring Gorings (C Hall, N Fuller, K Farr, P Hall) 5.21; 3, Berkeley Blazers (P Hopkins, S Vatcher, S Jenkins, A Wood) 5.39; 4, Free Wheelers; 5,Team Ride-Away; 6, Cotswold Vale Vixens. Material Change open.— 1, Relentless (R Cope, D Barrett, L Morgan, P Mason) 5.03.55; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, Y Goss, H Moodie, L Siedel) 5.16.39; 3, Cunning Stunts (P Buckley, B Furnival, D Watts, S Tideswell) 5.20.04; 4, Lycetts; A Class Act; 5, Wishful Thinkers; 6, Dr Cooks Quit the Bit.

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