Cotswold team chase results, 28 October

  • COTSWOLD Foxcote Manor, Glos, 28 October

    Humberts Open Qualifier 1, Fight the Ban (B Pauling, R& P Mason, M Stewart-Wood) 4.55.45; 2, Hair Raisers (A & A Brown, P Thomason, P Still) 5.00.35; 3, Odds and Sods (G Lockwood, H Moodie, F de Giles, K Purcell) 5.02.65; 4, Teme Valley Tigers; 5, Cunning Stunts; 6, Fox Grant Thrusters. intermediate 1, Terrestial Flying Objects (D Weathered, F Price, N Rickman) 5.11.43; 2, Foxberry Chasers (S Metcalf, K Milner, L Williams, S Davies) 5.13.27; 3, Wishful Thinkers (S Coady, Z Urquhart, L Seidel, C Stewart) 5.17.04; 4, Mixed Pack; 5, Odds And Sods; 6, Sweet Sixteen. Military Cup 1, Kings Troop A Gun No1 (Gunners Osborne, Sutcliffe, Murdoch and Huxley); 2, Kings Troop Chargers (Sergeant Green, Major Erica Bridge, Captain Harry Wallace, Captain Veronica Robb); 3, Kings Troop C Gun (Gunners Grant, Anderson and Wyatt, Bombardier Dennis); 4, RAF Globetrotters; 5, Household Cavalry; 6, Kings Troop A Gun No 2. novice (bogey time) 1, Calmsden Calamities (I Van Gruisen, J & M Tufnell, J Laing); 2, Little Sods (W Twiston Davies, J Martin, C & R Deutsch); 3, Heythrop Vixens (B Glasgow, I Strutt, N Bacon, S Kelly); 4, Pazzi Pontis; 5, Vixen Cubs; 6, Westonbirt Flyers.

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