Corgis by royal appointment

  • The Queen has succeeded in breeding her first tri-coloured Corgi

    Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the two tri-coloured bitches were born to The Queen’s Corgi Emma.

    It is reported that the Queen, who has owned more than 30 dogs of this breed during her reign, kept one of the pups and gave the other to a private breeder.

    All the Queen’s corgis are descended from her first bitch Susan, who was given to her as an 18th birthday present.

    The Queen, who is currently touring Australia, revealed her breeding success when she was introduced to Wade, a three-year-old Pembrokeshire tri-coloured corgi.

    A spokesperson for the Kennel Club said: “It is relatively difficult to breed a tri-colour and we were aware that the Queen had been attempting to do so for many years. Tri-colours are accepted in the show ring and we look forward to seeing the Queen’s dog at Crufts in 2003.”

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