Close contact numnah

  • Griffin NuuMed have designed a numnah for use with close contact jumping saddles

    Finding a numnah suitable for close contact saddles can be difficult, but Griffin NuuMed have developed their HiWither Forward Cut Close Contact numnah to solve this problem.

    Developed in conjunction with a master saddler and tested with a range of close contact saddles, this numnah solves the problem of incorrect shaped pads and poorly positioned straps.

    The numnah is cut in NuuMed’s unique HiWither style and made from top quality 5oz cotton quilt. It is available either with a half wool lining over the key pressure points, or in the Everyday Quilt without wool.

    To replace the conventional webstrap fixing, NuuMed has introduced easy fitting Velcro D ring straps to keep the numnah securely in place.

    The numnah is available in black, brown or natural and in sizes medium, large, and extra large

    Cost at around £45 for the 5oz cotton quilt and £23 for the Everyday Quilt

    NuuMed have also designed a dedicated close contact numnah for use with the Albion Lightweight cross country saddle.

    Cut in the HiWither style, it features a half wool lining and is available in the same colours and sizes as above.

    Cost at around £47.

    For more information contact 01458 210324 or click here to visit their website.

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