Clipping equipment

  • Get ready for the clipping season, with HORSE magazine’s tried and tested report on clippers and clipping oil.

    Liveryman Quiet Stallion clipper. Priced £220

    “This set of clippers has an extremely silent motor with optimal power for clipping. These are the best mainstream clippers I have used. They are very light and quiet when in use.

    “They stayed cool while they were used on seven horses and I was able to clip four to five horses before I had to change the blades. The clippers cope admirably well with hogged manes and feathers, which can be difficult areas and quite tough for clippers.”

    Tester: Emma Homewood, yard manager from Kent

    Barrier Animal Healthcare Fine Bactericidal Oil. Priced £6.80 for 250ml

    “This product is easy to use and achieves a good result. It keeps the blades clean so that they work efficiently and for a satisfactory length of time.

    “I would use this product again as it left a pleasant aroma and I particularly liked its antibacterial content in case the horse gets cut. I believe it would help to prolong the life of the blades.”

    Tester: Lisa Porter, livery yard owner, Worcestershire

    To read full report on clippers and oils, see the October issue of HORSE magazine, or click here to subscribe.

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