Clifton-On-Teme P-to-P

    Upper Sapey, Sunday, 21 May (Good becoming Soft)

    1407. Hunt Members, 12st5lb

    1 Slave’s Adventure (Green Adventure (USA)) (Rob Hodges), 4x, 7a R Hodges
    2 Nativetrial (IRE) (Maria Fieldhouse) M Munrowd
    3 Guard A Dream (IRE) (Sally Walker), 4x, fav H Kinchin

    . 3 ran. 10l, 3l. 6min 35.0s. SP: 5-4. (Clifton-on-Teme).

    1408. Restricted, 12st

    1 Gaelsbob (Bob Back (USA)) (Emma Baker), fav E Walker
    2 Search Party (FR) (Tim Stephenson) T Stephenson
    3 Clodagh Valley (IRE) (Richard Hewitt) A Wadlow

    Also: Donrico (IRE) (4), bl, Sissinghurst Star (IRE) (5), Evanly Miss (pu), 7a, Fergal’s Find (IRE) (pu), Joe Lively (IRE) (pu), bl, Major Reno (IRE) (pu), Rafteryshill (IRE) (pu), Rosemead Tye (pu), 7a. 11 ran. 2l, runin, 3l, 10l. 6min 24.0s. SP: 5-4. (North Cotswold).

    1409. PPORA Club Members (Nov Rdrs), 12st

    1 Nokimover (Scallywag) (Caroline Bailey), 4x, fav A Vaughan-Jones
    2 Raka King (Jonathan De Giles) Felix de Giles

    Also: King’s Mountain (USA) (pu), Rathcoole Dancer (IRE) (ur), 7a. 4 ran. 12l. 6min 34.0s. SP: 4-6. (West Norfolk).

    1410. Mixed Open, 12st

    1 Southwestern (IRE) (Roselier (FR)) (Jeremy Scott), fav N Harris
    2 Clever Dickie (Geoff Evans) M Wall
    3 River Pirate (IRE) (Andy Hobbs) Adam Brown

    Also: Wend’s Day (IRE) (4), New Lodge Express (IRE) (5), Bacardi Boy (IRE) (pu), Farnando (IRE) (pu), Gay Baratineur (FR) (pu), bl, Lord Castle (IRE) (pu), Macy (IRE) (pu), v, Saddlers’ Roe (IRE) (pu), Stormhill Stag (pu), Wrens Island (IRE) (pu). 13 ran. 8l, hd, 8l, 10l. 6min 27.0s. SP: 4-5. (Devon & Somerset Staghounds).

    1411. Intermediate, 12st

    1 Greensleeves (Environment Friend) (Clive Bennett), 7a, fav Miss P Gundry
    2 Arrows Gold (Mark Doyle) N Williams
    3 Wood Colony (USA) (Jimmy Tarry) L Hicks

    Also: Ferryport House (IRE) (4), Therealbat (IRE) (5), bl, All Eyez On Me (IRE) (pu), Judge Reilly (IRE) (pu), v, King’s Hero (IRE) (pu), 5x. 8 ran. 15l, 11/2l, 10l, 3l. 6min 39.0s. SP: 4-6. (Ledbury).

    1412. Open Maiden 56&7yo, 12st

    1 Boldini (USA) (Atticus (USA)) (Steve Wynne), v, 7a J Jarrett
    2 Give Me Strength (IRE) (Caroline Robinson), 7a A Wintle
    3 Milljaz (Dick Baimbridge), 7a G Barfoot-Saunt

    Also: Kildangan (IRE) (4), fav, Johnny Venture (IRE) (5), Cyrium (IRE) (6), Dickensbury Way (ur), Double Deal (ur), 7a, Lucky This Thyne (IRE) (pu), Nathan Detroit (f), Pedlars Son (f), bl, Percy Basil (pu), Poppy Lambert (pu), 7a, That Way Along (IRE) (pu), 7a, Withington (IRE) (pu). 15 ran. 10l, 2l, 15l, 1l, 11/2l. 6min 45.0s. SP: 10-1. (Tanatside).

    1413. Open Maiden 8yo+, 12st

    1 Kereru (IRE) (Phardante (FR)) (Pamela Sykes), jfav T Edwards
    2 A Proper Charlie (Tim Stephenson) T Stephenson
    3 Slaves Missile (Rob Hodges) R Hodges

    Also: Arctic Summer (IRE) (pu), Breathoffreshair (IRE) (pu), jfav, But Me No Buts (pu), Cameroon (pu), Coppice Lane (pu), 7a, Fusion of Tunes (f), 7a, Rudi’s Charm (ro). 10 ran. 11/2l, 30l. 6min 55.0s. SP: 2-1. (Quorn).

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