hunter (Mrs P Powley, Mr M Nicholson) 4-y-o.– 1, J Day’s Morning Mist; 2, C Elding’s Papavers Romeo. novice.– 1, K Neild’s Gold Dust; 2, C Dickinson’s C Upbeat; 3, C Worsley’s Stratosphere. RIHS sml.– 1, J Day’s Goldern Tasset; 2, H Binks’s Wycliffe; 3, S Callery’s The Congressman. RIHS lwt.– 1 & ch, J Day’s Vantage Point; 2, D Weston’s Bloomfield Basil; 3, C Upbeat. mwt.– 1 & res, S Igguden’s Oathill Take The Biscuit; 2, L Boardman’s Assagart Diamond; 3, S Wrigley’s Leonardo XI. hwt.– 1, R Adams’s Z Adermie; 2, Stratosphere; 3, J McKenna’s Oaten Strider. sport horse.– 1, M Cooper’s Ublesco Red; 2, S Simmons’s Cloonbarry Courage Lady; 3, C Upbeat. WH nov.– 1, L Critchlow’s Celeste; 2, Cloonbarry Courage Lady; 3, Ublesco Red. rest.– 1, P Cooper’s No Name; 2, A Roberts’s All Ireland; 3, J Callwood’s Tullybroom Inge. RIHS open.– 1, M Cooper’s UFO; 2, S Simmons’s Golvers Hill; 3, Tullybroom Inge.