Christmas treats for charming children

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    A traditional rocking horse must surely be among the most wonderful Christmas present you can give to any young child. Imagine their faces when they come down Christmas morning to find this beautiful present waiting for them in front of the tree. Withers & Co specialise in producing traditional Victorian-style rocking horses and currently have a few horses of various sizes on swing stands ready for Christmas. Most of the horses are finished with the traditional painted dapple appearance and all include a full set of leather tack. The company currently has one unfinished medium sized horse available, which could be finished with a customer’s choice of colour. The horses cost between £1,290 and £2,750, which includes delivery within England and Wales. For more details contact (tel: 01926 613918) or visit: www.Withersandco.com

    Feeling flush

    If your children prefer to enjoy the action astride their own pony, then why not treat them to a new saddle this Christmas. The Thorowgood Pony Club saddle is designed to help the rider develop a strong, independent seat while enjoying all Pony Club activities. This easy-care saddle has shorter flaps than many pony saddles to help junior riders achieve better leg contact and communicate more easily with the pony. Available in black and brown, in medium, wide and extra wide fittings, in seat sizes 15in, 16in and 16 1/2in to cater for young riders of all ages. Available from all good saddlers, this saddle costs around £250. For more details visit: www.thorowgood.co.uk

    Something special

    If colour co-ordination is important for your pony-mad child, Aerborn’s gift pack will be sure to be a hit this Christmas. The plastic carrier contains a comfortable cushion web head collar and lead rein, a quilted cotton numnah, a set of four striped stable bandages and an elasticated tail bandage. The packs are available in pony/cob size in four colour combinations: purple and lilac; fuschia and purple; navy and fuschia or navy and kingfisher for around £47. For more details contact Aerborn Equestrian (tel: 0115 950 5631).

    Beat the budget

    Make this Christmas really special by giving that special small person a gift that immortalises them and their pony. HHO’s new “Megastore” gift service offers a wide range of products including mugs, jigsaw puzzles, mobile phone covers and chocolate, which can be printed with your choice of image and/or words. This fantastic new service allows you to use own copyright-free pictures to create something unique and personal for your child. Gifts are carefully hand-printed and delivered within three to five days to an address anywhere in the world. For more details visit: www.horseandhound.co.uk/gifts

    Counting the pennies

    Magic Hoofbeats: Fabulous Horse Tales is a beautifully illustrated hardback book, which all horse-mad youngsters are bound to enjoy. The book combines stories about magical, mystical and memorable horses combined with notes about different breeds of horse. The anthology features stories from many countries, all celebrating the place of horses in our lives. Written by Josepha Sherman and illustrated by Linda Wingerter, this book is sure to delight children of all ages. Magic Hoofbeats is available in all good bookshops or can be ordered online at: www.barefootbooks.com for around £13.

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